July 07, 2015


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Artist Signature Products Now In Stock!

Looks like it is an early Christmas on the block this week! We are back and we have just the presents you need! Right from brand new modulation pedals to drumsticks, we have it all. This week we have some brand new stuff on the block that we would like you to look at! Not only do we have the best of brands at your disposal this week but we have something that will totally blow your mind away!

For starters – we would like to introduce you to the mind-blowing TC Electronic Dreamscape John Petrucci Signature Modulation Pedal. We are sure you have already heard about this amazing signature modulation pedal by none other than John Petrucci himself! Not only is this great product made in collaboration with the legend himself but also comes loaded with specifications specially designed to blow your mind.

The TC Electronic Dreamscape Pedal is a triple modulation pedal which is wrapped with all of Petrucci’s signature modulation tones in one box! As you all know, Petrucci uses Corona Chorus, Vortex Flanger and Shaker Vibrato pedals in his arsenal when playing live. This massive idea of perfection combines all three and also houses all of Petrucci’s toneprints! Of course, if you don’t want to sound like him you can always go for your own jam with the Dreamscape, which allows you to create and customize your own modulation tones!

The Dreamscape has stereo input & output, speed controls, depth and effect mix with three way tongle switch for tone and rotary knob for selecting between different modulation types or a TC tone-print, upload-able via the USB slot on the unit. Enhanced with Petrucci’s logo and signature, the Dreamscape is a modulation pedal that stands out and sets the bar for the best!

Furthermore, the newest plaything we have for you is the Zildjian ASDC Artist Series Drumsticks - Dennis Chambers. Everyone knows what a legend Dennis Chambers is in drumming! And to give a piece of his legendary brilliance to his beloved fans, Chambers collaborated with Zlidjian. Crafted for excellence, Zildjian Artist Series offer speed, articulation, durability and have a natural finish! A perfect companion to any cymbals, Zlidjian Dennis Chambers Artist Series Drumsticks is made to give you the perfect response and just the right feels! Manufactured for consistency, irrelevant if you are a light-touch or a hard hitter, maple construction from Zlidjian drumsticks are the best for the best!

The last trick up in our sleeves we have for you is small yet the most useful thing for any guitarist. Gibson Medium APRGG50-74M Guitar Pick is a must have for any guitarist! Not only because it comes from one of the most trusted names in the music industry, but also because it completes your guitar! Made from celluloid in the classic 351 shape, Gibson Guitar Picks come encased in a special Gibson collector’s tin!

Check out more new stuff on the block here! Now go play!

June 30, 2015


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Revolutionize Your Music With ESP Guitars!

Music is not just a hobby for some, for some it is passion, an inevitable force that drives them to be different from others. One of these passion driven people is Hisatake Shibuya, who opened a small time business called Electronic Sound Products (ESP) in Tokyo that helped musicians to get custom replacement parts for guitars and within no time, his business bloomed. ESP initially focused on electric guitars and basses, over the time they established themselves as one of the biggest names in Guitar Production Industry. ESP began manufacturing instruments under several other names such as "ESP Standard", "ESP Custom Shop", "LTD Guitars and Basses", "Navigator", "Edwards Guitar and Basses" and "Grassroots". From low-end products that cater to beginners to the highest range products that cater to high musicians that stand tall on my and your bedroom walls as posters, ESP takes care of us all!

After ESP’s inception as a company that nurtures the needs of people looking for custom but high quality replacement parts, ESP also began crafting guitars under ESP & Navigator brand in Japanese market, not only did make beginners that were just learning to play the guitar but also big names like Ronnie Wood of The Rolling Stones & Akira Takasaki of Loudness.

ESP is known for their passion in crafting guitars and accommodates musicians for a better experience! ESP takes pride in saying that “Guitar is our passion.” Not only have they created and innovated a number of instruments for legends from all sort of genres, but also they take pride in the process that their guitars are crafted in. With rigorous quality checks and control, ESP crafts guitars that are considered as the finest instruments on the planet!

A few other names affiliated with ESP is Kirk Hamett and James Hetfield the lead guitarist and songwriter for the most famous heavy metal band ‘Metallica’. Not only do these fine musicians endorse ESP but they also trust ESP as a brand they would like to continue their music career with. However, it is not possible to invest a huge amount of money into guitars made by ESP at every point. ESP understands that they accumulate not only legends but budding artists too! Which is why they cater to the less expensive crowd with the same craftsmanship, brilliant sound quality all at an affordable price!

The most famous products from ESP & ESP LTD are:

  • ESP LTD Viper-10 Electric Guitar – The most affordable guitar and an excellent choice for a novice who is looking to stand out right from his first guitar. With a basswood body, rosewood fretboard with 24 XJ frets and Maple neck with thin U neck contour, it makes the perfect partner for your gig!

  • ESP M-50 Solid Body Electric Guitar – Blue Satin – For a while now, ESP has been looking for solutions to get the best in quality guitars at an affordable price. And they have succeeded in doing so with M-50. With humbucking pickups, tremolo bridge and a reverse headstock and exceedingly fast Maple neck with Rosewood fingerboard with 22 jumbo frets, all of this at a affordable rate!

  • ESP LTD EC – 100QM Electric Guitar – With similar specifications as to ESP M-50 Solid Body Electric Guitar, ESP LTD 100QM is considered as the “best guitar” from ESP LTD! Wonderful companion to any music genre you would like to play.

These are just a few the guitars from ESP LTD! Bajaao brings to you the most brilliant guitars from ESP; find it all here, only on bajaao.com! Now go play!