Wired or Wireless : The never ending delimma!

February 17, 2015

The biggest question that bugs every music enthusiast today is whether to go for wired headphones or wireless headphones. The conventional audiophile wisdom says - wired is better and thou shall condemn wireless! For an average listener who is just reading reviews and is a little confused, and all these advices create a prejudice in the users mind and he is seldom able to make an informed choice.

Wireless audio still uses Bluetooth with a 2.4GHz signal. The Bluetooth transmitter compresses the sound which is sent over the channel and then decompressed at the receiving end and then reproduced. However with recent developments in technology the sound via a wireless headphone has come at par with wired headphones, if not better with new technologies such as Apt-x and Enhanced Apt-x. However while purchasing a wireless headphones one must realize that they are paying for Bluetooth as well as the sound drivers, for example, a Rs. 2000 headphones has spent the money in the making of only quality drivers, however a Rs. 2000 wireless headphones has spent money on Bluetooth technology and probably crappy drivers. Therefore they can never be tested in a head on comparison. Also people who use MP3 as a source of music will generally be never be able to distinguish between the quality offered by wireless and wired headphones unless you are using a DAC.

There are mainly 4 points that you need to consider before you go ahead with this purchase:


This is probably the biggest selling point for wireless headphones. Wireless headphones gives you the liberty to forget about your audio source and roam around without having to worry about cables.

Audio Expectations

For most listeners, audiophile grade flat sound eq is not the paramount thing in their priority list. Sometimes not having to worry about wires is a luxury.


The whole question of distinguishable audio quality comes if you are actually listening in a quite environment. So if your most often listening environment is a noisy one, the odds are you'll never realize the quality difference, even if there is one.

Quality of audio source

This is probably the most important factor, as in recent times when technology is going at a super accelerated rate, the quality difference is only distinguishable by the most trained ears. For listeners with MP3 grade audio source, the odds are, you'll never be able to spot any difference at all as MP3 is already a compressed form of audio reproduction.

So the question now stands are you willing to sacrifice a little on audio quality, if there is any, for increased freedom and portability or do you still prefer to stick to conventional wired headphones that give great sound quality without burning a hole in your pocket.

We hope now that you have acquired all the super rare information you'll go out there and make an informed decision! To know more on headphones follow our Greek to Geek guide to buy headphones.

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