Jeff Loomis Will Be On The Next Arch Enemy Album

When it was announced that Jeff Loomis would be joining Arch Enemy, many wondered whether his tenure in the band was temporary or permanent.

Loomis, who replaced Nick Cordle, is a metal legend in his own right for his tenure in Nevermore, and while the prospect of him sticking around with Arch Enemy was a tantalizing one, we wouldn't have been surprised if he had his own projects to be working on.

However, we're happy to report that Loomis will in fact be joining the band in the studio for the recording of their next album. Speaking in an interview with On The Rock (via Metal Sucks), guitarist Michael Amott noted:

"I'm really looking forward to the next album at some point and working with Jeff as well, which is something that I'm really looking forward to."

As Metal Sucks notes, it is unclear whether Loomis will be writing for the record. Nonetheless, that he will be appearing on the album as a full fledged Arch Enemy member is pretty awesome.

The new AE album will be the second with vocalist Alissa White-Gluz, who debuted on last year's "War Eternal."

Exciting times in the AE camp. We'll keep you posted with any developments.

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