Foo Fighters Auction Studio Time To Help With Friend's Mother's Medical Bills

February 19, 2015

Want a chance to record in Foo Fighters' home studio on Dave Grohl's legendary Sound City Neve 8020 board?

Well now you have a chance. Grohl and co. have stepped in to help Seattle musician Mike Squires with the medical bills for his mother's cancer treatment by auctioning off two days of recording time at their California base, Studio 606. As Squires notes in the auction description:

"The highest bidder in this auction will have unlimited access, for 2 days, to record or mix at the studio. The auction includes the use of the house engineer, the studio space, studio recording equipment, Pro Tools rig, and limited backline (no house guitars are available for use, sorry!)"

As Squires goes on to note, the 20 hours of studio time on offer will probably be enough for bands to "record and mix a couple of songs to perfection." But, as he goes on to note, tracking a full album and having it mixed elsewhere is not out of the question either:

"Tons of classic albums were recorded quickly by well prepared and inspired bands. Black Sabbath's first was recorded in one day and mixed the next. Nick Drake's "Pink Moon" was recorded in two days. So was Velvet Underground's "White Light/White Heat."  Are you up for that challenge? Bring it."

There are currently 4 days left on the eBay Auction and the session is already going for $11,000. But, if you've got the money, and you fancy bidding, you could end up with a recording session at one of the coolest studios in the world.

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