Touting Controversy: AC/DC Tickets Selling For Average Of $250 On Secondary Market

February 19, 2015

A new report has shown that tickets for AC/DC's upcoming North American tour are being sold for on average of $255.82 on the secondary ticket market.

According to (via Blabbermouth), prices of tickets for the Australian rock band's latest tour have skyrocketed on secondary ticket site TiqIQ. The most expensive show of the 13-date run is Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on September 20, with an average secondary price of $573.37. Meanwhile, the cheapest show on the tour is the band's show at Gillette Stadium in Massachusetts on August 22, which still comes in at $205.87.

The secondary reselling of concert tickets at hugely inflated prices has become big news in recent years. Many fans and commentators have been critical of the rise of online ticket touting, saying that it is detrimental to the live music scene. In the UK, Iron Maiden and Black Sabbath recently backed a campaign by House of Commons' All Party Parliamentary Group for Ticket Abuse that want to put a cap on the level of inflation at which second hand tickets can be sold for.

Would you pay $250 for an AC/DC ticket? Do you think that the cost of second party tickets has gotten too high? Let us know in the comments.

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