UG Showdown, Quarterfinals: John Frusciante Vs. Eric Clapton

February 19, 2015

In the previous episode of UG Showdown, we got to witness one of the most massive clashes of the entire tournament, as Brian May edged out Jimmy Page based on votes of around 45,000 users.

The next pair, the final one in the quarterfinals stage, is already upon us - it's John Frusciante vs. Eric Clapton.

In the left corner, the man behind RHCP guitar magic and the fella who defeated Mike McCready and Kirk Hammett on his way to the current stage. He had also worked with various musical titans such as Mars Volta and Johnny Cash, and was recently voted third greatest guitarist ever to wield a Stratocaster by the UG community.

In the right corner, we have Mr. Slowhand himself. He hardly had much trouble in besting Steve Vai and Tom Morello in the previous rounds, and it remains to be seen if John can deliver enough force to stop a true god.

You can vote now, the poll is below.

Important note - unlike Wednesday Question, UG Showdown results are tailored exclusively according to votes in the poll. While we most definitely encourage discussion in the comment section as a crucial way of getting everyone's opinion heard and all the factors detailed, we must point out that the comments have no actual impact on the final result, so please cast your votes in the poll.

The voting ends on February 21 at 11:59 PM EST. The next pair will be here on February 23. And may the finest axe-wielder win!


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