Guy Forces Himself To Listen To Nickelback For Charity, Gathers $20,000

Jesse Carey is a brave fella who selflessly decided to expose himself to the music of Nickelback (and nothing but Nickelback) for an entire week to support Charity: Water, a group that helps developing countries by constructs wells.

"I want to lift the confidence of what a human being is even capable of," Jesse stated. "It's the feeling I get after I watch a David Blaine special, and he's been locked in a block of ice upside down for reasons that were never made clear. All you need to know is that he did it."

This brave trooper began his musical marathon on Monday and isn't planning to stop until Sunday. However, before the agonizing journey began, Carey had already reached his initial goal of $10,000.

As this article is being written, the donation counter reads $19,226, and it can be safely said that the $20,000 figure will be crossed anytime now.

"My main concerns are the nighttime - of what kind of dreams I'll have," Jesse added. "Nickelback is penetrating into my unconscious. I don't know what's going to happen."

There are 41 days left to donate, you can join the cause here.

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