Dave Lombardo Unhappy That Slayer Replaced Him With A Drummer 'That Hasn't Done Anything In 10 Years'

Dave Lombardo has again spoken out about his dismissal from thrash legends Slayer, claiming that the band disrespected him by replacing him with a drummer "that hasn't done anything in 10 years." Lombardo was being interviewed by Music Radar (via Metal Sucks) and was asked about being replaced by Terry Bozzio in Fantômas, to which he responded:

"I want you to know something. I was honored by the gesture of replacing me with Terry Bozzio. That, to me, was respect. Instead of replacing me with a guy that hasn't done anything in 10 years, waiting on the couch, fiddling his thumbs, 'Oh my god, when is Slayer going to get rid of Dave?'

"It's like, come on. Terry Bozzio is an amazing drummer. I love his playing, I love the way he sings with his drums and creates music. I saw some video footage of him playing with Fantômas - wow. He did it his own way and I really liked it."

We're assuming that Lombardo is talking about current Slayer drummer Paul Bostaph here, although he may also be referring to Jon Dette, who filled in for him on the band's 2013 tour dates. Metal Sucks posted a picture of Lombardo posing with the pair of drummers (the only picture that the site could find). It's fair to say he doesn't look very happy...

Photo courtesy of Rock Your Head
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