Learn How To Play Walking Bass With Chords On The Guitar

April 08, 2015

If you're interested to play walking bass with chords on the guitar, this lesson can be a good starter.

In this lesson the bass line and the chords together is like this:

The chords are G13 and C9:

The work now is to put it together. Start learning the bass line and the chords separately then try to play it together.

When it starts to flow the next thing is to hit the 2nd and the 4th beat in the bar on the strings with your right hand. The issue is that you must keep the flow in the bass line similar as the hits. You can practice this to play one bass tone on every beat and hit the 2nd and the 4th beat in the bar. Like this.

When you get the flow with the hits you continued with the chord progression and put the hits to the comping. I'll show everything in the video lesson!

Regardless if you're playing jazz or not this is a very good exercise and there are many tunes to put in a "walking bass with chords" in other styles as well.

Good luck!

About the Author:
Thomas Berglund is a musician that has played in many different styles through the years and has his heart in the improvisation. He also work as a guitar teacher and have a YouTube channel with guitar lessons, releases, and concert videos. Feel free to subscribe to his channel to get the latest from Thomas.

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