Megadeth To Use Pledgemusic Campaign To Generate Funds For New Album

Megadeth have officially announced a PledgeMusic campaign to gather funds for the recording their new album, tentatively due later this year or in early 2016.

A lot of fans were surprised by the fact that a band with 50 million sold albums, is calling fans to finance the recording, however Megadeth have indeed presented some neat goodies for those willing to spare an extra mega-load of money.

So apart from standard signed albums, books, t-shirts, strings, guitar straps, and drum sticks, the band is offering some very exclusive perks.

For example, for $3,000 the group was offering a private guitar lesson from Mustaine himself, and for $2,500 you could have purchased a day in the studio with Megadeth (travel expenses to and from Nashville not included). Both of those are sold-out, but there are a few very nice perks still available.

For example, $10,000 will get you a jam session with the band, while $5,000 is the price of a songwriting lesson from Dave. $3,500 will get you a signed Kiko Loureiro signature Ibanez guitar, and on the more affordable side, you can also get a guitar lesson from Kiko for $500.

As reported, Megadeth are in the studio working on their 15th studio album with new guitarist Kiko Loureiro of Angra and Lamb of God's Chris Adler as a session drummer.

In other updates, Marty Friedman and Nick Menza have revealed that they were approached to rejoin the band and thus reform the classic 'Deth lineup. However, Marty refused the deal as "a huge step backwards" for his career, while Nick turned down the offer as "a very unfair deal."

Click on the link to check out the Campaign.

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