2 String Sweeps With Descending Shred Lick

I was mucking around with some 2 string arpeggios and just messing with your standard 1, 3, 5 triad over 3 octaves and decided to add a descending run. I put a few different arpeggios together based on a chord progression in E minor with a cheeky moment or harmonic minor/dominant Phrygian at the end.

The chords are Em, C, G, B. The 4th chord B major has a D# in it changing the key signature from E Aeolian to E harmonic minor/B dominant Phrygian. Let's take a look at the exercise. (See diagram below)

You'll notice we do two 3 note arpeggios across 3 octaves and then work through a descending diatonic scale. If you know all the diatonic 3 note per string shapes in E minor the first 3 arpeggios and scale runs will be easier. The last run that goes with the B major arpeggio is a little bit less predictable due to it's sassy and exotic nature.

I really hope this exercise help you guys see a great use from these little 2 string sweeps as I've seen many players fall into the trap of over using 3 and 5 string arpeggios. This exercise will hopefully help you mix arpeggios with scale runs rather than always keeping both ideas separate.

Have fun with this one guys! Happy shredding!

Nishtha Pandey
Nishtha Pandey


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October 25, 2015

is C major and A major scale the same? when i click on the C major link on your site, it brings me to the A major scale. I don’t know any music torhey, but is that what it means?

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