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Bass Drum Heads

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Its no secret that the bass drum head you're using will greatly influence the quality of the sound that your bass drum produces. Thankfully, you'll find more than enough popular bass drum heads in this catalog on Bajaao. Bass drum heads come in both coated and non-coated types. Coated heads typically provide players with a warmer and more focused sound, which is why so many jazz drummers tend to prefer them. On the other hand, non-coated bass drum heads offer a brighter and clearer sound, making them more suitable for heavier rock groups. Of course, one is not better than the other, and what you decide upon will really come down to your own personal preferences and playing style. At Bajaao you’ll find a wide variety to choose from at an affordable price. Call our experts to find out the best product to suit your style and need at the lowest prices in India.
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