Electric Guitars

Electric Guitars

The Electric Guitar sound has become an essential part of today's popular music. It is capable of creating a multitude of unique sounds and styles and popularly used in genres like Pop, Rock n Roll, Country, Blues and Jazz. It also played a huge role in the development of Electric Blues, Rock and Heavy Metal music.

How do Electric Guitars create sound?

Electric Guitars require external amplification in order to be heard at a normal performance volume. This means you need to connect your guitar to any Amplifier or a speaker in order to hear it properly. They also look and sound very different from Acoustic Guitars.

How many strings do Electric Guitars have?
Electric Guitars are commonly available in 6 string, 7 string and 8 string and 9 string variants (6-string being the most popular, especially among beginners)

What is the Standard Tuning for Electric Guitars?

What are the different types of Electric Guitars?

The 3 main types of Electric Guitars are :

  • Solid-body guitars (These are the most common type of Electric guitars. The Guitar body is crafted out of a single piece of wood. Solid-body guitars generally have more sustain and are more resistant to feedback)
  • Semi-hollow body (Semi-hollow body electric guitars have solid blocks of wood at the center which provides nice richness in sound due to its resonant chamber)
  • Hollow body guitars (The body construction is hollow like an acoustic guitar which results in a rich sound due to its big resonant chamber)

What are the different types of Electric Guitar Body Shapes?

Some of the main types of Electric Guitar Body Shapes are:

  • Double Cutaway
  • Stratocaster or Strat-Style
  • Telecaster
  • Les Paul or LP-Style
  • Explorer
  • King V

How much does an Electric Guitar cost?

Electric Guitars generally start at a price range of Rs. 7500. These are entry level - beginner guitars. Prices can go higher, depending on the brand, quality and included accessories. Higher priced / Premium guitars are made with premium quality materials which result in a better sounding guitar.

What are the top recommended Acoustic Guitar brands?

Recommended Brands include - Vault, Fender, Cort, Yamaha, Ibanez, ESP, Epiphone, and many more.

Popular Electric Guitar recommendations include -