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Hi Hat Cymbals

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The quintessential piece for any cymbal set, your hi-hat defines the sound of the ensemble like no other cymbal. You don't take the selection of such a vital piece of kit lightly, and neither do we. Our broad assortment of hi-hat cymbals is sure to provide the right option for any drummer, from the basement hobbyist to the seasoned professional. A staple of styles as diverse as R&B, jazz, metal, rock and more, your hi-hat is almost as much an extension of yourself as the sticks and pedal you play it with. Dating back as far as the 1920s, the hi-hat cymbal is ubiquitous in modern music—and for good reason, with nearly a century of presence in the drummer's toolbox. Your hi-hat cymbal is not only a tool for enriching your performance—it's also instrumental in keeping time for yourself and the band. Like most instruments, creativity pays off and the more you master this integral component of your drum set, the more rewarding it will become. Call our experts to find out the best product to suit your style and need at the lowest prices in India.