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Midi Keyboards

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MIDI Keyboards

What is a Midi Keyboard?

MIDI stands for - Musical Instrument Digital Interface. MIDI keyboards don’t have sounds of their own. They simply send Digital data to a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) 


What is the difference between a MIDI controller and a Portable keyboard / Arranger Keyboard?

A MIDI controller transmits and receives midi information, there are no sounds built into a controller, therefore, you will need an external software or hardware source for sounds like a DAW. 

On the other hand, Portable Keyboards and Arrangers have their own built-in Sounds, Styles, Tones, Effects and much more. 


How to pick the right MIDI Keyboard?

MIDI Controllers generally come with 25, 32, 37, 49, 61, or 88 keys. Lesser number of keys are more popular for compact spaces or travelling musicians.

More Keys are recommended for Two-Handed playing and a more Authentic Piano feel.  

Type of Keys: Synth-Action, Semi-Weighted & Weighted. Synth-Action Keys are the most popular for MIDI Keyboards. 

What type of Keys to buy in MIDI Keyboards?

Synth-Action type of keys are most popular in MIDI Keyboards. However,  Semi-Weighted or Weighted keys give a more authentic Piano feel. 


Why are Knobs/ Pads/ Faders important in MIDI Keyboards?

Knobs/ Pads & Faders can be mapped in the software DAW to control and modify various effects and other functions or instruments such as drums. They can also be used to trigger pre-recorded loops or tracks. 


Which are the most popular MIDI Keyboards?


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