Sound Proofing / Acoustic Treatment

Sound Proofing / Acoustic Treatment

BAJAAO offers the affordable prices and widest range of sound proofing materials and acoustic treatment products in India. We are the industry leader in acoustical treatment products, including the range of Auraflex acoustical absorbers, diffusers, sound barriers, construction materials, isolation platforms, and complete room treatment systems. Our products will help you achieve world-class acoustics in any room.

We offer acoustic treatment solutions for the following applications:

1. Recording Studios
2. Jam Rooms/Rehearsal Halls
3. Auditoriums and Cinema Halls
4. Conference Rooms
5. Home Theaters

Buy the best Sound Proofing and Acoustic Treatment materials online with at the best and most affordable price in India. Make your shopping experience a wonderful one with us. 

To ensure 100% customer satisfaction, Bajaao offers a 15 day return policy, which is better than the 10-day exchange policies commonly found at most online marketplaces or retailers.  You can also call Bajaao’s highly skilled product specialists at +9122-42035353 for any product clarification or after-sales queries.  In addition to having the largest catalog of products in the industry, Bajaao is also currently the only retailer that provides a Free 2 year warranty service and Lifetime Tech Support.