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9 Signs That Prove You Were Born To Be a Guitarist

February 17, 2016

Do you find yourself tapping your foot on a 7/4 time signature when a prog rock song comes on? Do you make ‘passionate’ (read: weird) faces with those sweet note bends? Do you catch yourself doing all of this in a public place? Well then, whether you know it or not, you were born to be a guitarist. Trust us. We’ve been there, done that! Here are some of the sure shot signs which prove you were born to play guitar: You can’t help moving your fingers to a song:  You always move your fingers with the riff or the solo; sometimes trying to figure out the notes in public places and sometimes people think it’s something lewd. You just... Continue Reading →

Album Review - Fuzz – II

October 19, 2015

Artist: Fuzz Album: II Release Date: October 23, 2015. Label: In The Red. Formats: Digital, Vinyl, CD. Ty Segall produces music at such a relentless clip that it’s fair to ask when he has the time to actually sit down and absorb his influences. To picture him patiently digging through a crate of used LPs or reading up on the history of progressive blues in the United Kingdom is to contradict the persona the music media has pegged him with for years — that of the restless maniac whose heart will explode if he stops hurtling himself into project after project. But Fuzz, the aptly named “side project” Segall formed in 2011 with high school friends Charlie Moothart and Chad... Continue Reading →