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Akai Max 25 Compact USB Midi Keyboard Controller - Open Box

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Akai's MAX25 USB/MIDI/CV controller brings you the unprecedented control introduced in Akai's MAX25 controller, in a compact and portable 25-key version! You'll love how this compact 25-key controller gives you new ways to perform with your music. Innovative touch faders give you a new way to control parameters, whether you assign them to control faders in your DAW's mixer or use them to tweak effects during a DJ set. They're incredibly responsive, and give you new creative options that aren't possible with traditional faders. And in traditional Akai style, you get eight real MPC pads arranged in four banks for up to 48 programmable controls. But the MAX25's prowess goes much deeper than a great feeling keybed and expressive controls.

Whether you produce music on your laptop, command your entire studio with your keyboard controller, or perform live with analog synthesizers, the Akai MAX25 is ready to integrate into your rig. As expected it's an amazing USB and MIDI controller, but also gives you control over analog synthesizers via CV and Gate outputs. There's a 32-step sequencer on-board, as well as an arpeggiator with multiple modes. And the touch faders feature a modulation sequencer, that lets you step through the values of the eight touch faders in sync to your performance. There are so many possibilities for production and performance with the Akai MAX25 USB/MIDI/CV controller.

Exceptional keyboard

Akai's MAX25 USB MIDI controller sports 25 semi-weighted keys with aftertouch. You'll love the robust feel of the keybed, with that "just right" resistance that's perfect for getting the most out of your synthesizer. Aftertouch gives you access to an often-overlooked control option for your sounds. Whether you use it every day in your studio, or put it to the test on the road, the MAX25 is built to last and perform like a champ.

Innovative touch faders for creative control

You'll find four touch faders on the MAX25, which give fader-like control over whatever parameters you choose. But because they're not a physical fader, you can choose to jump between different values without sliding between them for abrupt control changes, or you can choose to force them to slide between values for fader-like operation - best of both worlds. The touch faders can be assigned to Aftertouch, MIDI CC, and Mackie or HUI control types for exceptional control both live or in your studio with your DAW.

Digital control over analog synths

Connect the MAX25's CV and Gate outputs to your favorite analog synth, and prepare to command it like never before. Sure, you can play and modulate vintage synth gear with the reliability of a modern controller, but that's just the start. Akai's MAX25 can take incoming MIDI from either its MIDI In port or via USB, and send that out the CV and Gate outputs - that's huge! Now you can send sequences from your computer's DAW or your hardware sequencer, and use them to trigger an analog synthesizer. If you love the sound of analog synths, but haven't found a way to integrate them with your computer's software sequencer, you need the Akai MAX25!

Made for expressive performances

With a built-in 32-step sequencer and a 16-step arpeggiator, Akai's MAX25 is much more than a keyboard controller. Create, edit, and save your favorite sequences for use with any sound module or software synthesizer at a moment's notice. You can even trigger sequences from the MPC pads for fluid performances. The four touch faders can be used as a modulation sequencer, too - there are two modes, Sequence Note Mode and Sequence CC Mode. Note Mode lets you assign note values to your sequence with the position of the touch faders. CC Mode lets you assign CC values that can be sent to any USB, MIDI, or CV source, then step through them. The MAX25 is amazingly versatile, incredibly creative, and a ton of fun to play with.

Akai Max25 Features:

  • Compact 25-key controller for sound modules from any era - USB, MIDI, or CV
  • Semi-weighted keybed with aftertouch, perfect for getting the most out of synthesizers
  • 8 real MPC pads, arranged in four banks for up to 32 programmable performance pads
  • Four touch faders can be assigned to control sequencer values, CC messages, and more
  • Built-in 32-step sequencer, and 16-step arpeggiator
  • Save your control mappings and created sequences as user programs that you can pull up at any time, for use with any sound module or software
  • Dedicated transport controls for comprehensive DAW control
  • Ideal controller for combining computer synthesizers, MIDI modules, and vintage synths with CV/Gate connectivity.
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