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AKG Helical Passive Circularly Polarized Directional Antenna

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  • AKG Helical Passive Circularly Polarized Directional Antenna

    The AKG Helical Passive Circularly Polarized Directional Antenna is designed to operate hundreds of feet away from the action. This high-gain antenna, placed in FOH (Front Of House) positions away from the stage area, is ideal for microphone or in-ear monitor links. The UHF operating frequency range is 470 to 740 MHz.

    The Helical Antenna is lightweight at 2.6 lb, and it's rapidly deployed and easily stored. The durable, water-resistant nylon cover compresses down and buckles closed to easily fit inside a rack drawer. To install, simply unbuckle the straps, extend the Helical, and mount it on a stand. For best performance connect the Helical to the microphone receiver or IEM transmitter via a low-loss coaxial cable and aim the antenna toward the stage.

    Works with wireless microphone and IEM systems, UHF 470 - 740 MHz
    Circular polarized for high directionality and strong signal reception
    Fits 1/4"-20 lighting stands, 3/8"-16 EU mic stands, and 5/8"-27 international mic stands
    Strong and water-resistant nylon cover for indoor and outdoor use
    Foldable from 12" extended to 3" compressed


    Operating Frequency Range 470 - 740 MHz
    Antenna Gain -1 dB
    Pattern Type Beam
    Polarization RHCP
    Average Return Loss -13.15 dB
    Impedance 50 Ω
    Azimuth Azimuth X & Y:
    F/B Ratio: 15 dB
    F/S Ratio: 12 dB
    Squint: < 2
    Beam Width Azimuth X: 63°
    Azimuth Y: 70°
    Mounting Compatibility 1/4"-20
    Operating Temperature 10 to 130° F (-23 to 54° C)
    Connector N female
    Dimensions (WxHxD) Unfolded: 14 x 14 x 12" (355 x 355 x 305 mm) 
    Folded: 14 x 14 x 3" (355 x 355 x 76 mm)
    Weight 2.6 lb (1.2 kg)


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