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Alesis DM6 USB Kit Electronic Drum Set

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This is a Five-piece electronic drum set with a DM6 drum module. The DM6 module contains 108 top-notch drum, cymbal, and percussion sounds. There is a USB-MIDI output for sending MIDI data to virtual instruments & software on your computer. The DM6 drum module also features an aux input for practicing with an external audio source. You can have 15 programmable drum sets. The perfect drum kit for aspiring drummers everywhere.


The perfect choice for the aspiring drummer


The Alesis DM6 USB Kit (formerly DM6 Kit) highlights the best of Alesis' 20 years of experience in professional electronic percussion gear.

This electronic drum set features a completely new sound module with 108 quality drum, cymbal, and percussion sounds. Its pads feel great, and its hardware and rack system are high quality.

The impact-sensitive pads give natural, musical response that will make you feel like you're playing your acoustic kit – without making your neighbors hate you.


1. Five-piece electronic drumset with DM6 drum-sound module.
2. Realistic, natural-feeling rubber playing surfaces.
3. USB-MIDI output for use with drum-module software.



System Requirements


The Alesis DM6 USB is a stand-alone drum kit. You can play it plugged into any stereo or headphone, or use the USB output to connect with a computer to control music software and expand your songwriting abilities.

1. Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 2GHz, Intel Core 2 Duo.
2. Mac OS X 10.6-10.10, 1.6GHz Intel Core Duo, RAM 1GB (minimum).


Unmistakable Alesis Feel

Like all Alesis drum sets, the DM6 USB Kit features realistic, natural-feeling playing surfaces.

To reduce vibration feedback, we selected natural rubber drum and cymbal surfaces for the DM6 USB Kit's pads.


Outstanding Sound

The DM6 module features an internal collection of top-notch drum, cymbal, and percussion sounds that will blow you away.

Edit and save your drum kits for custom sounds, or you can connect your smart device or CD player and mix it in



Rugged Hardware

The DM6 USB Kit mounts on a heavy-duty aluminum rack. The tubing enables you to add on with Alesis and other brands' clamps and mounts. The kit also comes with a full set of mounting hardware and cables, as well as rugged kick drum and hi-hat pedals.



  • Includes everything you need to get started except headphones and a chair.
  • DM6 module contains 40 preset practice patterns with visual pad-indicator feedback.
  • 108 top-notch drum, cymbal, and percussion sounds.
  • 15 programmable drum sets.
  • Dual-zone snare pad for rim click and rimshot capability.
  • Standard 1 1/2 inch tubing enables you to add on with Alesis and other brands' clamps and mounts.
  • Connect your smart device or CD player and mix it in with 1/8 inch input.
  • Works with iPad via Apple USB Adaptor (sold separately).
  • DM6 sound module.
  • Kick Pad with stand.
  • Single kick pedal.
  • Hi-hat pedal.
  • 8" Dual-Zone Pad.
  • 8" Single-Zone Pads.
  • 12" Cymbals.
  • ProRack complete with mounting hardware.
  • DM6 Kit cable snake.
  • Drum key.
  • Drumsticks.
  • Assembly instructions/quick start guide.



Compare with Other Alesis Drumkit
Model No DM6 USB Kit DM10 Studio Kit DM10 Studio Mesh Kit DM10 X Kit DM10 X Mesh Kit
Rack 2-Post Aluminum Rack 4-Post Aluminum Rack 4-Post Aluminum Rack 4-Post Chrome Rack 4-Post Chrome Rack
Dual-Zone Snare Pad (1) 8" Rubber (1) 10" Mylar (1) 10" Mesh (1) 12" Mylar (1) 12" Mesh
Tom Pad (3) 8" Single-Zone Rubber (4) 8" Dual-Zone Mylar (4) 8" Dual-Zone Mesh (2) 10" and (2) 12" Dual-Zone Mylar (2) 10" and (2) 12" Dual-Zone Mesh
Kick Pad (1) 6" DMPad with stand (1) 8" RealHead (1) 8" Mesh (1) 8" RealHead (1) 8" Mesh
DMPad Hi-Hat Cymbal (1) 12" (1) 12" (1) 12" (1) 12" (1) 12"
DMPad Crash Cymbal (1) 12" (1) 12" (2) 12" (2) 14" (2) 14"
DMPad Ride Cymbal (1) 12" (1) 14" (1) 14" (1) 16" (1) 16"
Sounds 108 1047 1047 1047 1047
Sound Kits 10 preset / 5 user 100 preset / 100 user 100 preset / 100 user 100 preset / 100 user 100 preset / 100 user


This product includes Beginner's Guide to Learning Drums E-book

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Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
If you're not expecting something extraordinary then you'll love it.

1. Great product for the price it's available for.
2. Good hardware and enough software for doing multiple creative functions.
3. Bass drum gives just a bit double bass sound but you can control it by your practice.
4. Just a bit of false triggers here and there but they won't stop you from playing incorrectly bcz you can easily manage after you find them out.
5. Overall a good budget product. Electric drums start from this range and it's very good considering that.
6. Have been playing them from last 10 days now and it seems they'll not create any issue and an enthusiastic drummer should buy this.

Its Value for Money, However...

I'll mention a few things which did not meet my expectations -
Crash does not sound up to the mark, sensitivity is not that great
It has a few kit sounds but many of them sounds the same, I expected it to have a Rock, Heavy metal, Jazz kits in the module but got disappointed.
Kit does not appear to be durable and I am afraid of playing hard and freely on it.
Kick makes extra mechanical noise. Snare, Tom 1 and Tom 2 has low output as compared to Tom 3. (But let me mention that I haven't connected a amp which would enhance the output). I wish you guys would look into it and fix it somehow. But I liked the kit overall. :)


Good product at an affordable rate.
Realistic feel.
Love playing it.

Great beginner electronic kit but not as good as acoustic

This is both a review of the product and of electronic kits in general...I had an acoustic drum kit before buying this kit, I mainly bought it because it would be easier to practice in an apartment without disturbing folks around me. And this a great product for that, but if you are a total beginner to the drums, have more space to practice and can be loud, definitely go for a cheap acoustic set over this. The difference is really, really stark. Ghost notes work but they obviously don't feel as natural as an acoustic. Cymbal hits feel really really sterile. Tones sound too 'gimmicky'.... To summarize my opinions:

Buy it if
- You want a cheap way to practice the drums at home without disturbing folks around
- You want to directly record electronic output for music editing

DON'T BUY it if
- You want to start to learn how to play the drums (I strongly suggest getting a cheap acoustic set instead.)
- You want to play live shows (Not that you can't use this kit, it naturally just won't sound as authentic as an acoustic kit.)


Sounds very good and natural

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