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Arturia V Collection 5 - DJ Software

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  • V Collection 5 is your one-stop dream collection of the legendary keyboards behind many of the hits ranging from 60 years ago to 6 minutes ago. Our award-winning modeling technology faithfully reproduces the way the original components behaved, delivering the very soul of these instruments in a way that samples simply can’t.

    We also took giant leaps in augmenting them with features the hardware inventors never dreamed of—like bringing polyphony to the mono synths you’ve always loved. With over 5000 designer presets, the included Analog Lab 2 makes it easy to harness all that power to find just the right sounds for your sessions and gigs.

    True musical instruments you’ll love to play

    Exploring V Collection is like meeting new friends that feel old friends.
    One of the biggest challenges with reproducing existing pieces of gear is in making them truly feel like instruments. It’s about more than just the sound. That’s why we labor to recreate the look, feel, controls, and everything else of the original hardware. The sounds faithfully respond to the nuances of your touch and gestures.

    Each V Collection instrument sports a technically and aesthetically accurate control panel bristling with knobs, switches, buttons and sliders that just beg you to touch them. We’ve provided the most intuitive controller mappings for our Keylab and MiniLab keyboards—and our MIDI Learn feature makes mapping any hardware controllers to any software parameters as simple as click-and-touch for total expressive control.

    V Collection instruments are more than reproductions—they are full, expressive instruments all their own that come with built-in inspiration.

    Authentic vintage sound quality that samples can only dream of

    This all-star collection of award-winning modeled instruments reproduces the actual characteristics of the original hardware.
    The organic warmth of analog and electro-acoustic sounds is extremely difficult to reproduce authentically with digital technology. Samples only capture snapshots, and no amount of snapshots can possibly convey all the nuances of playing the original instrument. Arturia’s critically acclaimed TAE® technology faithfully emulates the actual physics and circuitry of vintage instruments—transistors, tubes, pickups, preamps, the works—to create software instruments that are virtually indistinguishable from the originals.

    Give your music the sonic richness and organic texture of analog—with all the convenience of digital.

    Improving on perfection

    We’ve gone beyond reproducing legendary instruments to reimagining them with new features that make them thoroughly modern for the music you create today.
    While these iconic instruments were all state-of-the-art in their day, a lot has happened in the ensuing decades. Since our modeling process for each instrument takes us deep into recreating the inner workings of each sonic component and how they’re interconnected, we couldn’t help but add some custom touches that still make them cutting edge today. Polyphonic modular system? Check. Matrix modulation on a hardwired synth? Totally. Drawbar modulation for a tonewheel organ? Awesome. And those are just a handful of the creative improvements you’ll find inside V Collection 5.

    Analog Lab 2 Included

    Imagine conveniently having all the keyboard and synth sounds you need for a gig or session all in one place on your computer. No racks. No stacks.
    Analog Lab 2 gives you streamlined tag-based access to 5000+ of the hottest presets from our award-winning V Collection of 17 faithfully modeled legendary classic keyboards—including combinations and effects. Each preset automatically maps the most important sound parameters to your KeyLab or MiniLab for intuitive tweaking and performance control, and you can easily custom map to any controllers via the MIDI Learn feature. You can even save the presets you need for a gig into a playlist to step through during your sets. Analog Lab 2 is also the command center for all your V Collection keyboards, giving you full editing access to any full instruments you own.

    Everything you need for creativity and inspiration is right here in Analog Lab 2


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