Audio Ease Altiverb Convolution Reverb Plug In (Pro Tools TDM)

Audio Ease Altiverb Convolution Reverb Plug In (Pro Tools TDM)

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Altiverb is a convolution reverb plug-in for Mac OS X and Windows XP. It uses top quality samples of real spaces to create reverb, ranging from the Sydney Opera House to the cabin of a fire truck. Altiverb 5 offers the most extensive set of parameters, it supports major plug-in formats on the computer, parameter automation and surround. Altiverb gives you a choice between iLok SmartKey or Challenge/response copy protection, it lets you sample your own spaces, and Altiverb is by far the most efficient convolution reverb.

But most importantly: in the end a convolution reverb sounds as good as its samples. Audio Ease's 3 year longer experience than anyone else in the industry ensures Altiverb's samples are unsurpassed in quality, quantity and diversity. And you get free new ones every few weeks - right from!


    •  Reverb Time lengthens or shortens the IR. •  Room Size shifts room modes and resonances. •  Reverse reverb mode. •  Internal test sounds. •  Place VR movies, pictures, statistics, mic layouts etc, in the info screen and let it model the space. •  Automatable preset switching. •  Switch between rotatable time-frequency (waterfall) or multi channel waveform views. •  Built in presets, user presets. •  Impulse Responses in unlimited levels. •  Three band damping and separate Gains and Delays for Direct, Early Ref and Tail •  I/O controlls for front, rear, center bleed and lfe channels.
Supported Formats:
Mac OSX: Pro Tools TDM
Windows XP: Pro Tools TDM

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