Aurica Acoustic Diffusor Panel (Set of 4)

Aurica Acoustic Diffusor Panel (Set of 4)

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Aurica Diffusor Panel - 2' x 2' x 2" - Set of 4.

As a companion to our well-received acoustic absorbers and Bass Traps, we've recently introduced the Aurica Sound Diffusor Panel. It's custom made from high quality EPS (expanded Polystyrene), so it's lightweight, affordable and can be easily painted using water-based paints ONLY (petroleum-based paints will 'eat' the expanded Polystyrene). They are also easy to mount and inexpensive to ship.

The Aurica Diffusor features the same distinctive, proprietary surface contour as our acoustic foam absorber for a clean, consistent architecturally-pleasing appearance that looks upscale and attractive in even the most highbrow of environments.


  • Aurica sound diffusors can be paired to create 2’x4’ grouping and then alternated with 2’x4’ panels of Aurica foam panels on studio ceilings. These diffusors reduce harsh sound reflections without drying out the room, perfect for live rooms.
  • Aurica sound diffusors can be clustered in multi-function rooms, adding enhanced clarity to instruments like acoustic guitar and piano while improving imaging for the mix position.
  • Aurica sound diffusors can be clustered on the ceiling of a Home Theater room to enhance imaging and detail. The shallow 2” profile is a welcome feature of these diffusion panels.

This diffuser panel is used for optimizing room acoustics, and utilizes a stepped shape for optimum efficiency. Used properly, the diffuser optimises the acoustics of a room and brings a professional atmosphere to your studio. The lightweight panel is easy, cheap and comfortable to install. For your convenience, the Aurica diffuser can be easily painted using water-based paints (must not contain solvents).

Aurica Diffusor Panel Specifications:

  • Material: EPS (expanded polystyrene).
  • Dimensions: 300 x 300 x 70 mm.
  • Colour: White.

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