Aurica Anechoic Self-Adhesive 6'x3'x2" Sound Proofing Foam

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  • Aurica Anechoic Self-Adhesive Sound Proofing Foam 6' x 3' x 2" - Peel and Stick!

    Aurica Anechoic Pyramidal Acoustic Foam is a self adhesive, wave profiled panel made of polyester-based, flexible, polyurethane acoustic absorption foam. It is self extinguishing and non-drip. Aurica anechoic foam has a wide range of applications in the control of sound reverberation and reflection in industrial environments, recording studios, the sound-proofing of air conduits, firing ranges, the internal lining of engine compartments, sounds enclosures, silencers, sound-proofed cabins, ventilation equipment, etc.

    Aurica Anechoic Pyramid Acoustic Foam Features:

    • Absorbs high levels of reflected noise across a broad frequency spectrum - Anechoic pyramid shape has better absoption than regular pyramid shape
    • Self Adhesive - Simply peel and stick to any surface!
    • Density - 36 Kg/m3
    • Thickness - 50mm, others available on request
    • Soft polyurethane foam
    • Fast and easy installation
    • Thermal conductivity coefficient - 0.029 Kcal/m h° C
    • Reaction to fire - Self-extinguishing, non drip
    • Resistance to temperature - From -30° C to +110°C
    • Colour – Dark Grey
    • No of panels: 1.

    Aurica Acoustic Foam Applications:

    • Recording studios
    • Home theaters
    • Sound-proofing of air conduits
    • Firing ranges
    • Internal lining of engine compartments
    • Sound or acoustic enclosures
    • Silencers
    • Ventilation equipment
    • Industrial machinery soundproofing.



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