Bose® Professional 7.1 Home Theater Bundle - Includes Installation

Bose® Professional 7.1 Home Theater Bundle - Includes Installation

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Bose® Professional Systems Division is a dedicated group of engineers, product managers, technical support specialists, and customer service and sales teams that are focused on helping professional audio designers and consultants create more accurate, reliable and cost–effective solutions. 

Bose Professional products are sold only through authorized pro–audio dealers and are NOT available at Bose consumer retail stores. BAJAAO provides substantial support for the Bose distribution network, including product technical information, system design support and after–sale support. Bose sound is found throughout the world in performing arts centers, theaters, houses of worship, stadiums/arenas, restaurants, retail stores, corporate buildings and hospitality establishments.

The Bose Professional 7.1 Home Theatre bundle is a top-of-the-line full integrated audio system. Extremely powerful, it is intended for a home cinema or professional preview theater of 700 to 1200 sq.ft. in size. 

This bundle is pre-configured with the following elements:

1. Blu Ray Player

2. AV Receiver (Upto 7.1 Channels)

3. Speakers and Amplifiers 

4. Mounts, Rack, Cables and Connectors, 


S No. Description Qty. Unit Color Make Model
1 Wall Mount Speaker : Loudspeaker with the frequency response of 150Hz to 17kHz; Nominal dispersion of 120H X 70V; Power handling of 150W @ 8 Ohms; Sensitivity of 90 dB SPL; Max SPL of 112 dB SPL . ( Left and Right Speaker ) 2 Nos. Black/White Bose Panaray502 A 
2 Brackets : for mounting 502II Loudspeaker 2 Nos. Black/White Bose WBP-5 
3 Wall Mount Speaker :  full range two way speaker with frequency response of 90Hz to 17kHz; Cont power: 120W @ 8 Ohms; Nominal dispersion of 120 H X 60 V; Sensitivity 89 Db SPL ; Max SPL of 115 dB SPL  . (  Centre Speaker)  1 Nos. Black/White Bose 402 II
4 Brackets : for mounting 402II Loudspeaker 1 Nos. Black/White Bose WBP-4 
5 100 Watts Wall Mount speaker for Surround Sound Speakers 6 Nos. Black/White Bose 302A
6 Modular Bass : Subwoofer with frequency response of 50Hz to 140Hz; Power handling of 450W @ 8 Ohm; Sensitivity of 90 dB SPL; Max SPL of 116 db SPL . 1 Nos. Black/White Bose Panaray 502B 
Back End Equipments
1 Amplifier : Digital Class D networkable Amplifier 2000W (250 W X 8 channels @4 ohm); THD < 0.4%; damping factor > 1000; inbuilt programmable and monitorable DSP like compressor, limiter, gates etc with complete equilisations. 1 Nos. NA Bose PM8500
2 Blue-Ray Disc Player 1 Nos. NA Sony BDP-S1100 or Equivalent
3 Surround-sound AV reciever with 7.1 Pre- Outputs 1 Nos. NA Denon  AVR-X3100W
Installation Equipments            
1 Audio Connectors & Patch Cables 1 Lot NA Neutrik/ Amphenol Assorted
2 Speaker Cable :  2 core 2.5 sq mm loudspeaker cable. 300 Mtrs. NA Klotz (Made in Germany) or Equivalent LY225
5 Equipment Rack 600x800mm  : for housing all rack mountable equipments with internal wiring, front glass door; heat dessipation fans; internal lights; movement wheels, power distribution units etc.  1 Nos. White Custom 16U



  • Installation,Testing & Commissioning shall be done by our Engineer within 3 days of Delievery of Material
  • Delivery: 1-2 weeks from date of Order 
  • 1 Year Onsite Support 
  • Equipments not mentioned above shall not be included in this package
  • For information or assistance please email

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