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Bugera BVV3000 Vintage 300 Watt Bass Amplifier Head

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  • Bugera BVV3000 Vintage 300 Watt Bass Amplifier Head

    BAJAAO India introduces the Bugera BVV3000 Vintage 300 Watt Bass Amplifier Head. Leave it to BUGERA to bring the classic all-valve bass amp up to date. Lovingly handmade and sporting vintage styling, the BVV3000 merges in-your-face bass with state-of-the-art features, such as a 5-position Voicing selector that’s sure to transport you back in time.

    With 300-Watts of chest-pounding output, the BVV3000 melds old-school aggressive attitude with a touch of nostalgia, creating tones that are only possible from an all-valve amplifier.

    There are lots of amplifiers on the market today that claim to be valve amps just because they’ve got a 12AX7 inside. But it takes a whole lot more than just a preamp tube to qualify an amp as being “all-valve.” The BVV3000 is a true all-valve bass amp with three 12AX7 and two 12AU7 valves. Two trios of 6550 (also known as KT88) output tubes operate in classic “push-pull” mode to create 300 Watts of room-shaking thunder.

    Each BUGERA valve goes through a rigorous 48-hour burn-in process before being individually evaluated by a skilled Quality Control Inspector (a real live human being). Only about one in every ten valves actually gets the go-ahead for use in our amps. The rest get tossed onto the slagheap, where they are melted down to make shot glasses.

    The BVV3000 is so much more than just raw power. The all-tube preamp provides tremendous tone-shaping control. Sure, you get the standard boost/cut capability from the BASS (centered at 40Hz) and TREBLE (4kHz) knobs, but the real “voice” of your bass is defined by its midrange content.

    BVV3000’s 5-position FREQUENCY selector lets you choose the center frequency that best suits your playing style, or the one that brings out your instrument’s true personality. Just select from 220 Hz, 450 Hz, 800 Hz, 1.6 kHz and 3.0 kHz and turn the MIDRANGE knob to boost or cut by as much as 15dB—and that’s a lot! And if you want even more tone-sculpting options, engage the ULTRA-LOW switch for an additional +2 dB boost @ 40 Hz, or the ULTRA-HIGH switch for a soaring top-end boost of +9 dB @ 8 kHz.

    When it comes to connectivity, the BVV3000 is brimming with possibilities. A balanced XLR DI output is provided for front-of-house and recording console connections, complete with LEVEL control and GROUND LIFT switch. Also available is a ¼" PREAMP OUT jack for sending the main signal to an external power amp or mixing console. The accompanying POWER AMP IN jack can be used to receive a signal from an external preamp, or it can be used in conjunction with the PREAMP OUT jack to create the ideal FX loop.

    In addition to the two ¼" speaker jacks on the rear panel of the BVV3000, we’ve also provided a professional high-current twist-lock socket. The IMPEDANCE selector switch allows you to operate the amplifier at either 2 or 4 Ohms, depending on your speaker configuration.

    All valves require proper biasing to work efficiently. In the early days of tube amplification, this task was usually left to the service technician and it required some very specialized equipment, plus a soldering iron and a handful of resistors. The BVV3000 was designed so that the user can easily replace the tubes and do the bias adjustment in true DIY (do it yourself) fashion. This procedure is simple and fully documented in the owner’s manual.

    When it comes to all-valve tone, functionality and versatility, the BUGERA BVV3000 is the value leader in its class. From its vintage good looks to its chestpounding output, the BVV3000 will turn heads and keep the dance floor busy—at a price that will keep you smiling. Or, you can spend a whole lot more and get an amp from that company whose name rhymes with “Damp Leg.” Stop by your authorized BUGERA dealer today and put one to the test.

    Bugera BVV3000 Vintage 300 Watt Bass Amplifier Head Features:

    • Hand-built 300-Watt bass amplifier head driven by 6 x 6550 valves
    • Vintage design from the '60s featuring 3 x 12AX7 and 2 x 12AU7 valves for harmonically rich and vibrant valve sound
    • Voicing selector provides you with 5 classic sound variations to suit your playing style
    • Dedicated Bass, Mid and Treble controls and High/Low switches for ultimate sound shaping
    • Balanced XLR DI for direct connection to your mixing console
    • Slave Output to connect with additional amplifiers
    • Preamp Out and Power Amp In connectors allow you a signal tap from the preamp section and a direct access to the power amp for even greater versatility
    • Adjustable Bias control allows you to easily bias the power amp valves for optimum performance
    • Valve protection circuitry, auto-fault mode and fan cooling for ultimate amp protection
    • 3 speaker outputs: two 1/4" jacks and a professional speaker connector (compatible with Neutrik Speakon)
    • Impedance switch (2 and 4 Ohms) to match virtually any speaker cabinet
    • High-quality components and exceptionally rugged construction ensure long life.


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