Carl Martin Echotone Delay Guitar Effects Pedal

Carl Martin Echotone Delay Guitar Effects Pedal

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A classic delay packed with top-shelf features, the Carl Martin Echotone features 1200 milliseconds of that coveted vintage echo, footswitchable Tap or Manual time settings, insert loop and switchable trail function at bypass.

The ECHO and FEEDBACK knobs allow you to dial in your desired amount of echo and the amount of repeats that you want to hear after the original note. Take your delay from dark to bright via the TONE control knob. The TIME knob gives you the ability to set the delay time manually while the TEMPO switch allows you to set your echo time by tapping the footswitch at your desired pace. The delay time setting can be changed from Manual to Tap setting quickly and easily at the click of the SELECT footswitch.

The LOOP return/send allows for use with external effects so that you can color or modulate the echo effect for additional sonic character. Located on the back of the effect next to the input, the TRAIL switch will give you the flexibility to choose whether you want trails on or off when the effect is bypassed (trails are the echo ringing out when you bypass the unit, in off position the effect will stop immediately when bypass).

The Danish-built Carl Martin Echotone features CM's low-profile housing and comes dressed in an off-white finish. The Echotone also features a convenient internal 12V (+-) regulated power supply.

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