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Crown DSI 8 M Amplifier

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Crown DSI 8 M Amplifier

The Crown DSi-8M is a projection booth monitor designed to work with bi-amplified cinema systems using the Crown DSi Series amplifiers.All controls necessary for daily operation of the DSi-8M are easily accessible on the front panel. 8-channel monitoring allows you to monitor either the processor or the power amplifier's outputs: L,C, R, Ls, Rs, Bsl, Bsr, and Sub in any combination. Input levels from the processor and power amplifier can be adjusted independently. There are no huge level jumps when switching between processor and power amplifiers.The bargraph display can be calibrated to the reference level for your theater. The projectionist can see auditorium levels instantly.

Crown DSI 8 M Amplifier Features:

  • Compact 2-rack unit
  • 8 channels for monitoring processor or amplifier inputs
  • All inputs and outputs are balanced to interface with new cinema processors
  • Input levels for processor and power amps can be adjusted independently
  • No level jumps when switching between processor and amplifiers
  • Bargraph display may be calibrated to the reference level for your theater; projectionist sees auditorium levels instantly
  • 25-pin D-sub connectors, plus removable terminal blocks and HD-15 for quick, hassle-free connections
  • Designed to work with bi-amplified sound systems to monitor the high- and low-frequency outputs from the left, center and right channels.

Crown DSI 8 M Amplifier Specifications:

  • Input Impedance (Processor Inputs): 10 k ohms.
  • Input Impedance (Power Amplifiers Inputs): > 50 k ohms.
  • Power Requirements: 100-300VAC, 50-60Hz, 32 watts.

Front Panel Controls and Indicators:

  • Channel Select Buttons and LEDs: Eight pushbutton switches, one for each input channel. Pressing a button monitors the signal from that channel, and lights the corresponding LED. Any combination of eight channels can be selected.
  • Volume Control: Rotary potentiometer with knob controls the volume of the internal or external speaker. Has no effect on the VU Bargraph Meter display.
  • Processor/Amplifier Selector Switch and LEDs: Pushbutton switch with corresponding LEDs selects inputs from cinema procesor or power amplfiers for monitoring.
  • VU Bargraph Meter: 12-segment meter displays input level of selected channels from -40 VU to +3 VU. May be calibrated by the rearpanel trim adjustment. Operates independently of the Volume Control.
  • Test Jack: 1/4" phone jack lets the user monitor the audio output of the DSi-8M. Inserting a mono or stereo 1/4" phone plug here disables the internal speaker and routes the audio output to the Test Jack.
  • Internal Speaker: For convenenient monitoring at the monitor panel.
  • Power Switch and Power LED: Rocker switch turns power on or off. LED illuminates when power is on.

Rear Panel Controls and Connectors:

  • IEC AC Power Receptacle: Connects to an IEC AC power cord.
  • Amplifier Outputs Connector 1: 10-pin removable terminal block connects to the power amplifier speaker outputs for the Ls, Rs, Bsl, Bsr and Sw channels.
  • Amplifier Outputs Connector 2: 10-pin removable terminal block connects to the power amplifier speaker output for the Lh, Ll, Ch, Cl, Rh and Rl channels.
  • Amplifier Level Control: Trimpot adjusts the level of the input signals from the power amplifiers.
  • Processor Level: Trimpot adjusts the level of the input signals from the processor.
  • HD-15 Connector 1: For cinema I/O compatibility. Connects to Ls/Rs amplifier.
  • HD-15 Connector 2: Connects to Bsl/Bsr amplifier.
  • HD-15 Connector 3: Connects to Rl/Rh amplifier.
  • HD-15 Connector 4: Connects to Sw amplifier.
  • HD-15 Connector 5: Connects to Ll/Lh amplifier.
  • HD-15 Connector 6: Connects to Cl/Ch amplifier.
  • Optional Input Connector: 25-pin D-sub connector connects to the EX output of the processor.
  • Bargraph Level: Trimpot adjusts the sensitivity of the front-panel VU Bargraph Meter.
  • Main Input Connector: 25-pin D-sub connector connects to the main outputs of the processor.
  • "EX" Selector Switch: 8-position DIP switch. Turn on switches 1-4 if system is without EX. Turn on switches 5-8 if system is with EX. This routes the correct Ls/Rs inputs to the DSi-8M circuitry.


  • Chassis: Steel.
  • Dimensions: EIA Standard 19-inch rack mount width (EIA RS-310-B), 3.5 inches (8.9 cm) high and 9.625 inches (24.4 cm) deep behind front mounting surface.
  • Net Weight: 10 lb 2 oz (4.63 kg).
  • Shipping Weight: 16 lb (7.26 kg).


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