Guitar Theory and Playing Made Easy Vol. 1

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Guitar Theory and Playing Made Easy Vol. 1

BAJAAO India introduces the Guitar Theory and Playing Made Easy Vol. 1, by Sidharth Kadadi. This book is an excellent learning tool for the beginner guitarist who has no knowledge of music theory, to the intermediate guitarist who is looking to improve his or her knowledge of the guitar fret board. This Book teaches the elements of music theory and strengthens this foundation through exercises in each chapter. From the construction of basic scales and intervals to advanced chords structures, all information is consistently applied to the guitar fret board. All answers to exercises are provided at the end of the book, so students can check their application.

This book is recommended for beginner guitarist aged 12 and up and includes various strumming patterns, open string exercises which are applicable on the chord progressions. These techniques and exercises will help the students to develop rhythm and timing sense needed to apply in the real world.

Table Of Contents:

  • Chapter 1: Introduction to Acoustic Guitar
  • Chapter 2: Theory of the Major Scale and Chords
  • Chapter 3: Theory of the Minor Scale and Chords
  • Chapter 4: Relative Major, Minor Chords and Strumming Patterns
  • Chapter 5: Harmonizing a Scale
  • Chapter 6: Theory of Dominant (Seventh Chords)
  • Chapter 7: Writing your Own Chord Progressions
  • Chapter 8: Five patterns of Major Scale and chords
  • Chapter 9: Five patterns of Minor Scale and Chords

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