Ibanez SRF705BBF Portamento Fretless Electric Bass Guitar

Ibanez SRF705BBF Portamento Fretless Electric Bass Guitar

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Product Description for the Ibanez SRF705BBF Portamento Fretless Electric Bass, 5-String

If you're looking for that new bass tool to enrich your creative palette, The Ibanez Bass Workshop may have built your next instrument. This new product group focuses on combining unusual concepts with the bass-building virtuosity on which Ibanez has built its reputation.

For some players the electric bass is a compromise of convenience--a substitute for the upright bass they have to leave at home. To those players Ibanez says: "Compromise no longer!" The SRF705 Portamento Fretless bass offers bassists the comfort of their legendary SR, combined with electronics that deliver a very near-to-upright sonic experience.

This cutting edge tonal flexibility is the product of two sets of extraordinary pickups: Bartolini MK1-5's play the role of "traditional" electric bass pickups, while the Portamento's Custom bridge contains the "magic" of AeroSilk Piezo system that work with flatwound strings to provide a sense of "air" to the ear that characterizes true upright sound.

A 5pc Maple/Bubinga thru-neck design helps fortify the sense of an acoustic "body" for the player and an extended fingerboard give plenty of playroom on its Rosewood, to complete the Portamento's overall upright acoustic sensibilities.


  • Neck: SRF5 5pc Maple/Bubinga neck-thru
  • Body: Mahogany wing body
  • Fingerboard: Rosewood
  • Frets: Fretless
  • Pickups: Bartolini MK1-5 neck, Bartolini MK1-5 Bridge, AeroSilk Piezo system
  • EQ: 2-band eq for Bartolini MK1 pus, Active tone control for AeroSilk Piezo system
  • Bridge: Custom bridge for AeroSilk Piezo system
  • Hardware: Cosmo black


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