JBL LSR4326P Powered Studio Monitor

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JBL LSR4326P Powered Studio Monitor.

Success in mixing boils down to one thing: trust. You've got to trust your ears, you've got to trust your gear, and you've got to trust your room. You already take good care of your built-in listening mechanisms, and you know you can trust a pair of monitor speakers with the JBL name on the front, but can you trust your room? If your reference monitors are a pair of JBL LSR4326P Powered Studio Monitors, you don't have to. These highly accurate monitors are made all the more so by their built-in analysis and intelligent correction technology, which automatically adjusts the speakers' frequency response to transparently compensate for common acoustics issues. Never again will a less-than-perfect control room setup keep you from hearing what your music really sounds like. JBL calls this technology Room Mode Correction, and it's just one of the features that make the JBL LSR4326P Powered Studio Monitor the obvious choice for any project or recording studio.

Monitors That Come With A Mic?

The first thing you might be struck by is the inclusion of a measurement microphone in the above product image. Yes, that mic ships with a pair of JBL LSR4326P Monitors, and it's the key to the RMC acoustic correction electronics built into the monitors. When you first set up your JBL LSR4326P pair, simply plug in the mic and push a button on the monitor. The speakers will produce a test tone that is picked up up by the omnidirectional, flat-response microphone, and the fed back into and read by the monitors. They sense common issues like standing bass waves and boundary coupling, and automatically adjust their output frequency response to compensate. That's all it takes to perfectly tune your reference monitors to your control room and ensure that what you're listening to is your mix and nothing else.

Start With Great Speakers

Of course, the most effective acoustic correction in the world won't improve inaccurate speakers, but these LSR4326P monitors are truly worthy of the cutting edge RMC technology built into them. With 220 watts of amplification power on board, you won't have to worry about finding a matching external power source, and you'll have plenty of headroom to mix without the risk of distortion. Each individual cabinet is precision bi-amped, with the hi-range-tweeter and mid- and low-range woofer matched to their own discrete amplifier. Incoming frequencies are split at a crossover frequency that's not only calibrated for ultimate speaker driver efficiency, but also to the LSR4326P's physical "waveguide" housing. JBL calls this holistic calibration technique "Linear Spatial Reference Technology," which is fancy way of saying that these monitors stay out of their own way, delivering your mix to your ears with maximum transparency and minimum coloration. Designed as high-end monitors for a digital production studio, the JBL LSR4326P features S/PDIF inputs in addition to its high-quality analog inputs, and ships with software that lets you manage your monitors directly from your computer workstation.

Simple Surround

Any post-production studio simply has to be able to mix in surround. Surround 5.1 has become standard in Television and Film, and if you're still waiting to upgrade to a surround mix monitor system, you don't have much time left before you become obsolete. You may be telling yourself that setting up a 5.1 mixing studio is overly complicated, but the intelligent networking capabilities of the JBL LSR4326P moots that excuse. Expanding from stereo to 5.1 within the LSR4326P framework is literally as easy as adding speakers. The intelligent networking electronics in each monitor keeps it in communication with the rest of the monitors in a network, allowing the speakers to calibrate as a single entity. If your control room is a little tight, and you don't think you've got the space for correct 5.1 placement, a plug-and-play surround network of JBL LSR4326P's will auto-time align to ensure that the most accurate sound possible reaches the listening zone, regardless of spatial restrictions.

There are many hurdles to accurate mix monitoring, but the JBL LSR4326P goes a long way in eliminating all of them. From ease of setup to revolutionary, on-board RMC correction technology, these state-of-the-art reference monitors provide a direct conduit between you and your music. And the music is what it's all about.

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