Meinl MB8-21GR 21" Ghost Ride Cymbal

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  • Meinl MB8-21GR 21" Ghost Ride Cymbal

    The Mb8 cymbals prove Meinl’s long-time know-how and competence in manufacturing cymbals out of B8 bronze alloy. They offer the best possible sound of a B8 bronze in combination with an outstanding look and performance. Mb8 cymbals have crystal clear, cutting and explosive sounds. B8 alloy delivers the tightest, most tonally focused and direct sounds of our four bronzes. This means Mb8 cymbals sound very bright, loud, tight and cutting. There is no lush or warmth here. Crashes are fast and punchy, while rides and hats deliver with clarity. Such direct and penetrating sounds - as well as a very nice price - make Mb8 a favorite for rock and metal. The Mb8 21" Ghost Ride is a very special ride cymbal with a unique look and sound. Glassy ping, a warm shimmering body and a nice sparkling decay. The raw black bell delivers a cutting clear sound. Brann Dailor on his signature cymbal - "I finally found the ride I was looking for; it has just the right amount of everything. The bell is neither too big or too small, so when you need that articulation, you have it. It's the perfect medium ride cymbal that can fit into any style of music. No reason to be afraid of this ghost, try it and see."

    • B8 Bronze Alloy
    • Precise with high energy levels
    • High-tech computerized hammering



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Questions about this product?

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