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Native Instruments MASCHINE MIKRO MK2 Groove Production Studio

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The black Native Instruments MASCHINE MIKRO MK2 Groove Production Studio is designed for both Mac and Windows. The hardware interface features USB 2.0, 16 multi-color illuminated pads with velocity and aftertouch, 28 back-lit buttons, one endless encoder (30 steps) and one high-contrast, 128 x 64 pixel black-and-white display. MASCHINE MIKRO MK2 also supports several interfaces including stand-alone interfaces, VST, audio units, RTAS (Pro Tools 9 or higher), ASIO, CoreAudio and WASAPI.

With the ability to act as a sequencer, sampler, VST/AU plug-in host and multi-effect unit, the MASCHINE MIKRO MK2 supports beat making, performance and more - all with the benefit of collaborative computer software. The software is stocked with a 6GB sample library that includes drum kits, synth sounds, loops and more. The touch sensitive pads make it easy to sequence drum patterns, bass lines, loops, etc. Plus, with color-coding, you can assign certain colors to certain instruments so you'll always know what's what without having to test it.

The MASCHINE MIKRO MK2 provides the flexibility of computer-based music production with straightforward control for composing, performing, browsing, sampling, slicing, sound-shaping and tweaking effects. You can easily load your samples, effects and plug-ins through the software, and then control them with the pads. And, you can always expand your sounds with MASCHINE EXPANSIONS (sold separately).

16 multi-colored, highly-sensitive back-lit, pads with velocity and after-touch.

Color Assignment
Assign color coding throughout the library for 'visual tagging' which is also displayed on the pads. Make your kick drums red, for example, and you'll always know which pads play your kicks.

Full version of the MASSIVE synth plug-in is included and it's parameters can be automated within the MASCHINE 1.8 software.

Multi-Function Master Push Encoder
New multi-function master push encoder allows for easier control of volume, tempo and swing.

Time Stretch & Pitch Shift
The MASCHINE 1.8 software includes time stretch and pitch shift features. Automatically detect the BPM of a sample and stretch from one tempo to another. Or stretch your audio to a specific length to fit a sample to the same length as another sample. Plus, make your beats match harmonically, by tuning your samples with the pitch shift function.

Updated Effects
Download the latest free software update that includes more effects, specially selected for beat production. TRANSIENT MASTER has been fully integrated in the MASCHINE 1.8 software as well. This is ideal for positioning drums and percussion; it lets you mix from front to back, giving each sample exactly the right amount of space. New Tube, Tape Saturator and Tube Saturator effects bring the secrets of analog warmth and natural, harmonic compression to MASCHINE 1.8, for even greater sound coloring potential.


  • Sequencer, Sampler & Multi-Effect Unit
  • VST/AU Plug-In Host
  • Full Version of MASCHINE 1.8 Software
  • Sample Library with Over 6GB of Sounds
  • Includes MASSIVE Synth Plug-In
  • 128 x 64 Pixel Black-And-White Display
  • USB 2.0 Port
  • Multi-Function Master Push Encoder
  • Time Stretch & Pitch Shift Features
  • TRANSIENT MASTER Dynamics/Mixing Tool
  • Available colors: Black & White.
  • 16 highly-sensitive, back-lit, multi-color pads with velocity and after-touch (colors freely-assignable to Sounds, Patterns, Groups and Scenes)
  • Master push encoder for analog feel and realtime multi-parameter tweaking
  • 28 back-lit buttons allow for direct parameter access to many functions
  • One high-contrast, 128 x 64 pixel black-and-white display to quickly find the information you need in the studio or on stage
  • Bus powered hardware via USB 2.0 plus Kensington lock.


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