Neumann KMS104D Digital Handheld Stage Microphone

Neumann KMS104D Digital Handheld Stage Microphone

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Neumann KMS104D Digital Handheld Stage Microphone

The Neumann KMS104D Digital Handheld Stage Microphone is essentially the digital version of the analog KMS104. The KMS104D employs professional grade A/D converters and AES output protocol to enhance the KMS104 with even lower noise floor, greater dynamic range and resistance to RFI noise. The microphone is designed for crucial sound reinforcement applications. Its element and output electronics deliver the results needed for professional vocal capturing in concerts, presentations, broadcasts and more. The KMS104D features a cardioid polar pattern that minimizes off-axis noise and feedback. High sound pressure handling eliminates noise and distortion while capturing transients and peaking signal.

  • Classic Neumann sound on stage
  • Excellent transparency for vocals/speech
  • Without off axis coloration
  • Effective pop shielding without any side effects
  • Set includes stand clamp
  • The legendary Neumann sound in the digital realm. Pure Neumann capsule sound
  • The satisfaction of recording the uncolored original, with no "bottlenecks" between the capsule and the recording system
  • One of the best A/D converters available
  • Anti-clipping processing ensures handling safety, and reduces stress
  • Reduced time requirements and personnel costs, particularly due to faster post production processing
  • Lower investment costs, since separate A/D converters and preamps are no longer needed. This also means space and weight savings (e.g. in the OB van)

Neumann KMS104D Digital Handheld Stage Microphone Specifications:

TransduceR: DC-Polarized Pressure Gradient Condenser

Polar Pattern: Cardioid

Preset: Sampling rates:

  • 48kHz
  • Gain 10 dB (variable with DMI-2)
  • Compressor on, Attack time 100 ms, Release time 0.5s,Threshold -10 dBFS, Ratio 2:1

    Frequency Response: 60Hz - 20kHz

    Sensitivity: Free-field sensitivity: -47dBFS


    • CCIR-27dB
    • A-weighted: 78dB

      Signal-to-Noise Ratio:

      • CCIR-67dB
      • A-weighted-78dB

        Dynamic Range: 125dB
        Maximum Input Sound Level: at 0dBFS-0141 dBSPL

        Remote Control:

        • Polar pattern
        • Low-cut:flat,40,80,160Hz
        • Pre-attenuation:0,-6,-12,-18dB
        • Gain: 0-63 dB in 1 dB steps,clickless
        • Testsignal:1 kHz,pink noise,white noise
        • Parametric compressor/limiter (incl. de-esser function)
        • Independent peak limiter avoiding any clipping
        • Switch functions: soft muting, phase reverse, signal lights
        • Signal lights: red4) and blue LEDs
        • System functions, firmware download

          A/D Conversion: Neumann process (patented), 28-bit internal word length

          DSP: Fixed-point, variable internal word length 28 bits to 60 bits


          • Asynchronous operation (free-running, AES42 - Mode 1), basic frequency accuracy: ± 25 ppm
          • Synchronous operation (AES42 - Mode 2), pulling range: Min. ± 100 ppm

            Power Requirements:

            • Power supply (phantom power complying with AES42)
            • Supply voltage range: +6 V to +10.5 V
            • Current consumption: max. 150 mA

              Output Impedance: 50 Ohms

              Output Connectors: XLR3M, 24 bits as per AES/EBU (AES3)

              Dimensions (LengthxDiameter): 7.08 x 1.88" (180 x 48mm).

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