Neutrik NCJ6FI-S Combo Connector XLR 1/4" Stereo Jack Nonswitching

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  • Neutrik NCJ6FI-S Combo Connector XLR 1/4" Stereo Jack Nonswitching

    In the past consoles and amplifiers were furnished with two input receptacles per channel: a balanced 3-pin female XLR receptacle and a 1/4" phone jack. In the majority of cases, only one input was used at a time. Keeping with the Neutrik view of innovation, the Combo connector was born. Neutrik is proud to offer the Combo connector - a combined XLR female 3-pin receptacle and 1/4" phone jack in one! This unique connector accepts balanced and line inputs or instrument inputs - all in one unit of panel space. The 1/4" jack is available in mono, stereo, stereo-switching and stereo-switching with switching XLR ground contact. The jack retention force is delivered by a special element which is completely separate from the jack and the contact connections are via convenient solder cups. The Combo is digital capable due to the low capacitance of the connectors.

    Neutrik NCJ6FI-S Features:

    • Combined XLR receptacle and 1/4" phone jack
    • Balanced or line inputs in one XLR shell
    • Saves rack space by combining 2 connectors in one housing
    • Very low conductor capacitance, therefore suitable for digital audio.

    Neutrik NCJ6FI-S Specifications:

    • Connector type: XLR / non-switching 1/4" stereo jack.
    • Contacts: 1, 2, 3 (XLR); T, R, S, G (1/4").



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