Numark Mixdeck Quad DJ System + 4-channel Mixer, 2 Platters.

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    Based upon Numark's popular MIXDECK controller, MIXDECK QUAD shifts it up several gears with support for core MIDI on Apple's iPad - giving you entree to the world of Apps such as Algoriddum's DJAY. There's also a fully functional 4-channel digital/analog MIDI mixer, letting you control both the iPad and DJ software while mixing from CD, thumb drives, mics, or external sources. MIXDECK QUAD ships with Virtual DJ software, so from the moment you open the box and connect to your computer, you're spinning tracks digitally - however, you can source from virtually any type of media with MIXDECK QUAD, including CDs, MP3, CDs, USB Flash drives, and of course, iPad.

    You'll never miss a beat with Tap Tempo and BPM analysis in your corner. MIXDECK QUAD lets you control your favorite MIDI software - without timecode - using a simple USB connection. Fire up your performances with the integrated beat-synced DSP effects available on each one of MIXDECK QUAD's decks. This awesome-sounding collection includes chop, echo, filter, flanger, pan, and phaser - each completely tweakable. A dedicated fader gives you control over the wet-dry mix.

    MIXDECK QUAD includes a powerful set of beat and pitch tools to assist you with beat matching and harmonic mixing. Play a track and MIXDECK QUAD automatically analyzes its tempo and displays the BPM onscreen. That's slick. Do-it-yourselfer? There's also a Tap Tempo button for manual BPM entry. The onboard pitch fader lets you adjust a track's BPM by plus-or-minus 6, 12, 25, and 100%. You can also engage Key Lock for each of those ranges, holding the pitch of the track while you independently manipulate its BPM. Now that's even slicker. You also get a set of pitch-bend buttons on each track for quick tweaks.

    A full-featured 4-channel mixer is built right in, each input channel having a gain control and a three-band EQ/rotary kill. The mixer channels handle audio from MIXDECK QUAD's onboard players, from your computer, or from external sources such as turntables and MP3s. There are also two sets of stereo switchable phono/line inputs for external sources. MIXDECK QUAD's replacable crossfader sports Switchable Slope and Reverse - enabling you to customize its functionality to suit your preferences.

    MIXDECK QUAD's thorough array of remixing tools will spark instantaneous creativity. You get seamless looping with a set of user-friendly controls, sampling, and easily accessible Hot Cues. Keep time moving forward while you cut or reverse the track with Numark's familiar Bleep/Reverse. Smooth slot-loading drives with large, touch-sensitive platters that light up at the touch of your fingers let you know your performance is on. And MIXDECK QUAD's 1/4-inch mic input with its own gain and EQ let you work the room and keep the party rolling. MIXDECK QUAD's cueing section lets you plan ahead with dual 1/8 and 1/4 inch headphone outputs, dedicated cue gain, and a mini-crossfader. Two large, backlit displays always give you your system status.

    MIXDECK QUAD's flexible output section is fitted with balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA stereo main outs, along with Booth and Record RCA outputs - so you can route your mix to different locations or systems (and record to your iPod). A direct stereo output from each deck is included for use with timecode control interfaces (including Serato Scratch LIVE software) or external effects processors.

    Imagine having the power to perform, mix, remix, and record with virtually any current music media! MIXDECK QUAD gives you the freedom to DJ from nearly any source, all in one unit, with the flexibility to expand your system whenever you need to. MIXDECK QUAD delivers virtually everything a professional DJ needs in a mixer. It all adds up to: the power to excite!

    Numark MIXDECK QUAD DJ system with 4-channel mixer Features:

    • Complete system with CD/MP3/USB decks, mixer, computer audio and MIDI interface, and iPad core MIDI and audio support
    • MIDI integration of decks and the mixer for controlling both computer software and iPad apps
    • iPad support by Algoriddum DJAY
    • Four-deck Virtual DJ software is included
    • Play from CDs, MP3 CDs, USB flash drives, iPad, computers, and external inputs
    • Four-channel mixer with EQ/rotary kills, replaceable crossfader, and MIDI control
    • USB MIDI/AUDIO computer interface for software control and audio streaming
    • Inputs: Two Mic (XLR and 1/4"), Four Aux (RCA stereo pairs), iPad Connector, Computer (USB, stereo)
    • Outputs (all stereo): Main (balanced XLR & RCA), Booth (RCA), Record (RCA), Deck 1 (RCA), Deck 2 (RCA), Cue (1/8" & 1/4")
    • Beat-synced DSP effects with wet-dry fader: chop, echo, filter, flanger, pan, phaser
    • Smooth, fast, slot-loading drives with large, touch-sensitive illuminated platters
    • Control MIDI software, with no timecode needed, via USB
    • CD direct outputs for use with timecode interfaces
    • Adjustable start and stop time for vinyl-like deck performance
    • Automatic BPM analyzer and Tap tempo for manual BPM entry
    • BPM Slider: plus/minus 6, 12, 25, and 100% (or bend with pitch buttons)
    • Key Lock holds pitch while you independently manipulate its BPM
    • Seamless looping, sampling, and easily accessible hot cues
    • Keep time moving forward while you cut or reverse the track using Bleep/Reverse
    • Single-track, continuous, and programmable playback
    • Fader Start plays the cued track when you move the crossfader
    • Two large, backlit displays for BPM, CD/MP3 text tags, and folder navigation.



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