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  • The ultimate in tube management, Orange Amplification is proud to introduce the DIVO OV4 Self Fit Kit. The DIVO OV4 automatically adjusts the bias of your power tubes to ensure optimum performance. It monitors the performance of your amplifier and isolates faulty tubes during failures, running at half power until the tubes can be replaced. The DIVO OV4 allows you to experiment with different tubes in each socket without having to modify the amplifier. What's more? The DIVO OV4 also increases the lifespan of your power tubes! With the DIVO, you'll never have to worry about going dead on stage again!

    The OV4 module includes a bracket and strong industrial-grade Velcro fixings, and is built into a compact aluminum case. Once set, the OV4 continually micro-adjusts the bias current for each individual tube, keeping the amp running at peak efficiency.

    The OV4 adapts to any situation. With no audio present, the OV4 can automatically drop the bias current to a lower setting to reduce wear and tear, thus increasing the life of your power tubes. When audio is detected, the OV4 instantly returns to its higher level.

    If there is a faulty tube detected, an algorithm automatically shuts off the affected pair and remembers which tubes are at fault. The faulty tubes are displayed on warning LEDs and in the software. It also keeps record of how many hours the amp has had, both with and without audio.

    The jack socket connects to a standard footswitch, which allows you to switch the amp from full power (all four tubes on) to half power (two tubes). The "Share the Wear" feature remembers which pair of tubes were switched off the last time and alternates them to keep the wear as even as possible. This can also be used as a tone option if you use two different pairs of power tubes in your amplifier and want to go from one pair to another (i.e. two 6L6s and two EL34s).

    The DIVO Self Fit Kit is appropriate for most Class A/B fixed bias amplifiers fitted with octal output valves. However, please contact for more information on the DIVO's compatibility with your amplifier, before making your purchase.

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