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Pearl VBL925SP/C (247)Acoustic Drum Kits

Shop Brand : Pearl

  • Pearl VBL925SP/C (247)Acoustic Drum Kits

    Vision Birch Lacquer is Pearl’s most affordable 100% birch drum set. Birch has long been recognized for its focused, naturally EQ’ed sound, ideal for both stage and studio. Pearl offers 4 VBL configurations, and they all come with professional Two Ply heads, chrome plated Steel SensiTone snare drum. These incredible sounding drums offered in exclusive High-Gloss Lacquer Finishes.

    Vision VBL sets come standard with Pearl's Rock Solid 900-Hardware Pack, which includes:

     Item  Description
    S-900 Snare Stand
    BC-900 Boom Cymbal Stand
    C-900 Cymbal Stand
    P-900 Bass Drum Pedal
    H-900 Hi-Hat Stand



    900 Series hardware
    The Pearl Vision Birch Series drumset comes with 900 series hardware incl.: S-900 Snare Stand, BC-900 Boom Cymbal Stand, C-900 Cymbal Stand, P-900 Bass Drum Pedal, H-900 Hi-Hat Stand

    Birch Shells
    Birch drums feature boosted high frequencies, slightly reduced mids, and a good low end punch, ideal for live and recorded situations when you want extra presence and cut.

    Steel SensiTone Snare
    Steel SensiTone Snare You'll get an incredible crack! from this streamlined steel snare drum. The chrome finish stands up to most expensive snare drums from other manufacturers. Pearl's innovative SR-900 Duo-Motion strainer can be converted from a side lever action to a Gladstone-type throw-off. The precision contoured lever allows for fast and absolute on/off function. A large adjustment knob insures fine tuning for superior snare sensitivity.

    Professional two ply heads
    Two ply heads are easier to tune, and deliver a full, powerful sound right out of the box. Vision is the only series in its category to be packaged with two ply heads.

    VBL 925SP
    22“ x 18“ Bass
    10“ x 8“ Tom
    12“ x 9“ Tom 
    16“ x 16“ Floor Tom
    14“ x 5.5“ SensiTone Chrome



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