Taye Specialty 6"x14" Aluminum Snare with Wood Hoops

Taye Specialty 6"x14" Aluminum Snare with Wood Hoops

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This gorgeous snare features a 6mm cold-hammered aluminum shell that is just as pleasing to the eye as it is to the ear. The sleek, black look of the shell nicely counteracts the natural finished maple hoops, and is sure to make other players chartreuse with envy. Sonically this drum can handle it all. It has a vast tuning range and sounds stellar in all registers. Aluminum has always been known for itÕs crisp, dry sound. This usually alleviates the need for dampening agents such as tape, rings, or moon gels. Aluminum is loud, resonant, and penetrating so you know it will cut through anything and everything. It has a bright tone and sounds especially good in higher tunings where the head is cranked right up.

The wood hoops help to open up the sound of this drum, giving it a wider array of overtones and nuances that traditional metal hoops just canÕt give you. In addition to this warm, complex, breathy sound; wood hoops give you a sharp well defined side sticking that is so clear and precise youÕd swear you were hearing a jam block. This also helps make your rim shots sound totally new and unique. The snare is also equipped with articulated claw hooks that help isolate the hoop from the claw. This helps give the drum a truer tone with extended resonance and warmth.  

The rest of the hardware on this snare is no joke either. The sidelatch throw is another example of TayeÕs commitment to quality. It employs the minimal amount of moving parts necessary as well as a Sliplock feature to prevent this snare from loosening over prolonged periods of play. It also incorporates a large knurled tension knob for quick, easy adjustments. The lugs also come complete with studded gaskets. This helps to remove any and all metal-to-wood contact which allows the drum to speak more freely and become more resonant. In short this drum is the real deal.

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