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TC Electronic BG250-112 1x12" 250-Watt Bass Combo Amp

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  • All of our BG250 combos share the same fundamental tone, yet they also sound unique. Subtle details and the fact that you can customize the amps with TonePrint effects and settings makes sure that you will always be able to get the sound you are looking for no matter which BG250 you choose.

    BG250-112 gives you the best from both worlds. Tight and powerful sound with a strong presence in the mids. Make it bassy and old school, or modern and crisp. The choice is yours!

    It's light yet super powerful, features intelligent tone shaping tools and has an onboard tuner for 4, 5 and 6 string basses.
    Add to that, the ultimate effects solution: Dual TonePrint! You can swap effect types on the fly and you even get custom TonePrints created by some of the greatest bass players totally free of charge.

    Power to Roll
    What good is having a ton of power if you risk your back or need to rent a forklift every time you have a gig? None, that's why we designed BG250 to have 250 watts of raw power, delivered through our cutting-edge, lightweight Class D amp technology that helps bringing the total weight down to an extremely portable 35 lbs - making it one of the lightest yet loudest combos in its class.

    Dual Signature Effects
    BG250 sports two TonePrint slots that lets you load signature effects into the amp. We've got an ever-expanding roster of the coolest people in bass today give us their signature versions of TC effects.

    They're available for free and you can beam them directly to your BG250 via our übercool free smartphone app.

    Making a Splash
    When we entered the bass market, we made quite a splash. We have a dedicated team of bass players that really want to make a difference so we came up with a bunch of features that made sense to us, like a tuner on board, realistic tube/drive emulation and SpectraComp, our own 'per-string' compression, giving you a combo that makes life as a bassist that much better.

    TonePrint® Enabled - Signature Bass Effects
    Bass TonePrints are free, custom-tuned effects, provided by your favorite bass players! TonePrints give you access to an effect as it is used by the artist - so you can tap directly into the TC tones used by the best bass players in the world.

    Oh, this being the 21st century and all, we've made a TonePrint App which allows you to beam TonePrints from your phone to your TonePrint-enabled pedal or amp. Easy, fast and totally free of charge! 

    Backstage Pass - All Access
    The BG combo series builds on our smash success BH amps and pair portability with playability. Plus a feature set and tonal quality that makes them truly great! 250 Watt of raw power with different speaker configurations for different needs, intelligent EQ section, built-in tuner and TonePrint functionality combined with killer tone. - True greatness comes from the ability to be small, but these combos are the next big thing!

    Effect Types
    You can load and swap effect types on the BG250/BH250 via USB or the TonePrint App for smartphones. Once you load an effect of your choice to the amp, you can use the white TonePrint knob to adjust the wet/dry balance - more or less effect so to speak.

    Intelligent EQ Section:

    • Cut and Boost at Different Frequencies
    • Bass: Cut@80Hz / Boost@100Hz
    • Mid: Cut@500Hz / Boost@800Hz
    • Treble: Cut@1,800Hz / Boost@2,500Hz.
      • Built-in 6 String Tuner
      • 1x 12" custom driver
      • 1x 1" custom piezo tweeter
      • Rehearsal Input - Playback through Speaker or Headphones
      • Balanced DI Out - Seamless Recording or PA Output
      • Headphone output - Silent Rehearsal
      • Footswitch (optional)
      • 6 Effect Types (Chorus, Flanger, Vibrato,Octaver, SpectraComp, Bass Drive)
      • TonePrints are made by some of the world's best bass players includingNathan East, Mark King, Duff McKagan, Richard Bona and many more
      • 250 Watt
      • 35.6 lbs. / 16 kg
      • 18" x 14.8" x 21.3"
      • 458 x 375 x 540 mm.


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