Timbre TI5 70W Hi-Fi Active Bookshelf Speakers

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Timbre TI5 70W Hi-Fi Active Bookshelf Speakers has a rating of 5.0 stars based on 2 reviews.
  • The Timbre TI5 are arguably India's best active bookshelf speakers. The TI5 premium powered speakers deliver audiophile-quality audio fidelity and top-of-the-line features at a low price that has set a new standard for affordable high-quality audio. Connect your iPod, iPAD, or iMAC, computer, TV, or any other source for great stereo sound in any room. 

    With custom Kevlar woofers, silk dome tweeters, and hand-built cabinets, TI5 includes a remote control and versatile audio inputs and outputs. You can charge your iPod via the USB power port and also add a subwoofer to the pre-output. Connect the TI5 to your computer's headphone output or use with a USB Digital to Analog Converter to achieve an even higher level of sound quality.

    You won't hear any enhanced super-mega-hyper-monster boomy bass from these powered speakers. As with the original A5, the low end from the TI5 is real bass, very near to the originally-recorded music. From ragas to classical to rap to movies, you'll get tight, punchy authentic bass with an awesome growl that will give you instant bliss - regardless of the volume level. These speakers can faithfully reproduce frequencies as low as 45Hz due to the specially tuned bass ports.

    They are similar in look, feel, and sound to the Audioengine A5 and Audioengine A5+

    After comprehensive testing, Bajaao.com gives these speakers a rating of 9.5/10 on sound, usability, and features. Buy with confidence.

    Timbre TI5 Features:

    • iPod universal dock and iPod charging
    • Digital FM Tuner
    • 5 Radio Presets
    • Tuned Bass Ports
    • Auxiliary Port
    • Colours available: Black, White.

    Technical Specifications:

    • THD 0.1% at 1Khz at rated power
    • 2x35W TMS Class A/B Amplifier
    • Input sensitivity 277mV (iPod, Aux)
    • Signal to Noise 90dB at rated power
    • Frequency response: 45Hz to 20KHz - 3 dB
    • 20mm Neodynum Silk dome tweeter with ferro fluid
    • 5" Kevlar Magentically Shielded speaker with high temperature voice coil and rubber surround dampers
    • Dimensions: 180mm x 256mm x 200mm
    • Weight: 10.65kg (Pair)

    Reviews from the media:

    "A perfect combination as you spend those sleepless nights on your workstations, the Ti5 DOCK SPEAKER makes up for a great multimedia system. It has got a good tonal appeal, and also looks great, besides, it doubles up as your mini-compo system . The Ti5 DOCK SPEAKER indeed sets new standards in multimedia speaker technology. " - AV Max Magazine

    "The Timbre Ti5 DOCK SPEAKER is the first speaker to be launched in the Indian market by enthusiastic new entrepreneurs who seem to have identified a rather interesting niche - active speakers with a built-in iPod dock and FM tuner. Throw in a pre-out for adding a subwoofer and an Aux input for the telly and you have an unconventional speaker box that doesn't score badly with the misus as well!............... " What Hi-Fi Magazine


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