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  • Toca Black Mamba Mechanically Tuned Djembe

    Begin with a seamless bowl, unimpeded in resonance and shaped to produce an abundance of dramatic lows and highs. Combine it with unobtrusive, low-mass mechanical hardware (as opposed to traditional rope tensioning), which trims the profile and further enhances resonance. Make it lightweight for transport to drum circles on public transit, and durable if the bus shrieks to a stop, causing passengers and instruments to careen. And, top it with the sort of aesthetics that grace the Black Mamba Series: jet black finish, jet black hardware, and specially selected goatskin heads dyed black to match. You're now within sight of the new Toca Freestyle Mechanically Tuned Djembe, part of the reputed Black Mamba lineup.

    Aside from its wicked good looks, reliable and easy tuning, the Toca Freestyle Mechanically Tuned Djembe, Black Mamba Series, seems destined to emerge unscathed from crowded percussion gatherings and collision-fraught situations. And not only does the drum yield a remarkable frequency range but its PVC shell is virtually indestructible. Should it encounter another drum or inert obstacle, it is equipped with a rubber bottom and rubber tips on lugs to avoid marring and abrasion. Each design feature conspires towards a Djembe that, for years to come, will emit sizzling highs, solid mids and 'sub-woofer lows'. In fact, the combination of features is such that the Toca Freestyle Mechanically Tuned Djembe/Black Mamba is patent protected. As a bonus, the largest drum, the 14" Djembe, comes with a matching padded pro bag.


    • Great choice for beginners and groups!
    • Size: 12" Head x 24" Tall
    • Lightweight and durable seamless synthetic shell
    • Newly designed bowl shape for optimal bass tones
    • Awesome bass tones and highs
    • Low Mass tuning system
    • Perfect for drum circles and kids of all ages
    • Protective rubber bottom and tips on tuning lugs
    • Patent Protected
    • Goatskin head with mechanical tuning



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Questions about this product?

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