Ultracoustic Horizon Control Panels

Ultracoustic Horizon Control Panels

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The Ultracoustic Horizon Control Panels are an attractive, aesthetically pleasing & 'easy-to-install' solution for acoustic treatment where you want to control primary and secondary reflections, eliminate flutter echo, reduce reverberation and standing waves.

The Ultracoustic Horizon Control Panels are designed to be used in a ‘listening space’ to treat first & second reflections that interact and create problems with the sound source and the listener. The panels are typically spread across the wall surface leaving space in between each panel, allowing some of the energy to be absorbed and some to reflect back into the room so as not to completely deaden the space while maximizing the panel’s absorptive efficiency.

This makes the Control Panels an excellent choice for live-end / dead-end studio designs, listening rooms and home theatres etc. Control Panels can be combined with Ultracoustic’s Control Squares to create an attractive and aesthetically pleasing solution for office spaces, board rooms, restaurants and lobbies that often need to be treated to reduce the reverberant field.

Horizon Control Panels come in 1 & 2-inch thick panels. Available in 3 Colors black, grey or beige.

Ultracoustic Horizon Control Panels Features:
  • 12” x 48” Fabric covered acoustic panels with hardened edges.
  • Box contains 8 or 16 panels depending on coverage area.
  • Used to control powerful first & second order reflections.
  • Easy-to-install on most surfaces.

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