Ultracoustic Horizon QKit 6 Room Acoustic Sound Proofing Kits

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The Ultracoustic Horizon QKit 6 room kit is perfect for rooms under 100 sq ft, or can be combined with more panels to treat larger spaces. Ideally suited for music production setups, listening rooms and studios these easy to use kits are an affordable way to start with your room’s acoustic treatment.

The Ultracoustic QKit 6 contains Horizon acoustic panels that eliminate acoustic problems of any given room, problems such as first & second order reflections, flutter echo, and standing waves. Apart from the acoustic panels the QKit 6 also includes all mounting hardware, screws and instructions for easy installation.

The Ultracoustic Horizon panels are available in a choice of three standard colors (Grey, Beige, Black) to fit almost every room, 6 panels included with total coverage of 24 Sq. ft.

Ultracoustic Horizon QKit 6 Room Acoustic Sound Proofing Kits Features:

  • Complete recording studio / home theater in a box.
  • Used to control reflections, eliminate flutter echo.
  • High performance lightweight acoustic panels.
  • Includes easy-mount impalers and hardware.

In The Box:

Ultracoustic QKit Studio / Home Theater Kit :

  • 4 x Control Panels 
  • 2 x Control Squares 
  • 14 x Surface Impalers for mounting Control Panels & Control Squares
  • Mounting Hardware For Surface Impalers
  • All Screws, Rivets & Anchors included

Please Note: Size may vary +/- 1 inch

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Customer Reviews

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Worth the price!

The panels came to me sealed and tight. Trust me, it really took a while to get the thing out. That's how tight and fine they pack stuff. And Ultrasonic is so detailed. They give you the screws, jumpers and all. Only thing you'll need is a drill.

I first tried to mount it using double side tape, found out that it was not the most effective way as it came falling apart. Then I drilled them in place. These panels definitely changed the acoustics of the room. Every bit of echo and reverb has been totally eliminated. Your voice sounds so different in there. This has really helped in aligning the room acoustics and keeping ringing frequencies out.

Thanks to the team for making this possible!!. Must thank Mervin T for introducing me to Bajaao.

Bajaao all the way!

great acoustic kit in a box

great panels for a good price, will definitely recommend ultracoustics