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Universal Audio Apollo DUO - Thunderbolt

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  • Universal Audio Apollo DUO - Thunderbolt

    It's time for a new approach to digital audio — it's time for Universal Audio's Apollo Thunderbolt/FireWire audio interface. Digital audio workstations have become powerful enough to complete projects we wouldn't have dreamt of 10 years ago, and technical advances make quality recording equipment more affordable than ever. However, nothing can truly replace the sound of the analog recording equipment that crafted the sound of modern music. Universal Audio has made industry-leading analog recording equipment for decades and now presents the ultimate marriage of analog and digital technology: Apollo. The combination of a world-class analog front end, class-leading digital conversion quality, and the unprecedented addition of UAD-2 DSP processing for UAD Powered Plug-ins makes Apollo an entirely new way to record, mix, and master.

    UAD-2 Power Built In!

    Apollo DUO packs UA's super-powerful UAD-2 DUO processing, which lets you use UAD Powered Plug-ins at sub-2ms latency in real time! That means you can record, mix, and master with some of the best plug-ins in the industry, without requiring any external processing. You can also use the Virtual I/O feature to process virtual instruments and DAW tracks in real time too!

    • World-class Front End!
    • Track, Mix, and Master with Near-zero Latency!
    • UAD-2 Processing Built In!
    • Astounding Audio Quality

    Universal Audio has a reputation for making world-class analog audio gear and has earned their place as a leading authority on digital conversion with the Apollo series. Apollo DUO gives you the same impeccable 24-bit/192kHz quality as the first generation, with double the analog I/O for professional studios.

    Bottom line: Apollo sounds amazing and offers superior dynamic range and total harmonic distortion than other interfaces in its price range.

    Seamless Integration

    Apollo's hardware and software settings can be saved with your session file, for true console-style recall when you load your project.

    • Avid Pro Tools
    • Apple Logic Studio
    • Steinberg Cubase
    • Ableton Live
    • Reaper
    • And more!
    • Thunderbolt Connectivity

    The next generation of connectivity, Thunderbolt gives you the speed and ultra-fast performance of a PCI Express system — with the convenience of a single cable! Apollo's Thunderbolt port is how you're able to track and mix high track counts with UAD Powered Plug-ins, all with near-zero latency.

    Audio Interface with Built-in UAD Plug-in Processing

    Combining a world-class analog front end, cutting-edge conversion quality, and the unparalleled power of UAD-2 DUO plug-in processing built-in, the Universal Audio Apollo DUO Thunderbolt/FireWire audio interface represents a new approach to recording. Over 10 years of research and development have gone into making the Apollo DUO, and it's poised to change the way you operate in your recording studio. Apollo DUO gives you built-in UAD-2 DUO DSP to let you track, mix, and master with acclaimed UAD Powered Plug-ins — with near-zero latency! UAD Powered Plug-ins serve up incredibly realistic emulations of classic studio processors, so you can get the sound of iconic analog equipment on your tracks with the convenience of plug-ins. And with Apollo DUO, you have all the DSP power you need to run an array of these top-notch plug-ins with ultra-low latency, while your host computer runs your DAW.

    Universal Audio's Apollo DUO is also the world's first Thunderbolt audio interface with larger bandwidth and faster transfer rates than USB or FireWire, meaning you'll be able to record more tracks at higher resolutions with lower latencies than you could before — even when using all 18 inputs and 24 outputs. Factor in universal DAW compatibility and the ability to connect a UAD-2 Satellite to power even more UAD Powered Plug-ins, and you'll see that the Universal Audio Apollo DUO audio interface sets a seriously powerful foundation for your recording studio.

    Universal Audio Apollo DUO Thunderbolt/FireWire Audio Interface at a Glance:

    • Built-in UAD-2 DUO DSP for running UAD Powered Plug-ins
    • Premium analog signal path
    • A powerful foundation for any recording, mixing, or mastering studio
    • Realtime Analog Classics Plus plug-in bundle included
    • Thunderbolt connectivity delivers serious speed and bandwidth


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