Yamaha M7CL48ES 48-Channel Digital Console w/ EtherSound

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  • Buy Yamaha M7CL48ES 48-Channel Digital Console w/ EtherSound online in India at the best price with free shipping from BAJAAO - India's music equipment superstore.

    Buy Yamaha M7CL48ES 48-Channel Digital Console w/ EtherSound online in India at the best price with free shipping from BAJAAO - India's music equipment superstore.

    Yamaha M7CL48ES 48-Channel Digital Console w/ EtherSound

    Specifically designed for use with SB168-ES EtherSound stage boxes, the M7CL-48ES replaces the 48 internal head amps of the M7CL-48 with two EtherSound ports that provide plug-and-play connection to up to three SB168-ES units.

    The M7CL-48ES adds EtherSound stage box connectivity for state-of-the-art system layout and signal routing capability, while retaining superior M7CL efficiency, functionality, and sound.

    Onboard EtherSound and 3rd Port

    Where the original M7CL-48 has 48 analog inputs, the M7CL-48ES has a total of three EtherSound ports: two for connection to as many as three Yamaha SB168-ES EtherSound stage boxes in either daisy chain or ring configuration. The 3rd port allows permanent connection to a computer while the stage boxes are connected in ring mode.

    Auto-configuration for Plug-and-Play Convenience

    To set up a basic daisy-chain system all you need to do is connect the M7CL-48ES to the SB168-ES stage boxes via appropriate cables and turn on the power. The ESMonitor software is not required. Everything is configured automatically, and you don't even have to set or worry about the order of the ID numbers of the SB168-ES units used. Switch a few settings and setting up a ring network is just as easy.

    Analog Insert via OMNI I/O

    Although the 48 analog inputs are replaced by EtherSound ports, the M7CL-48ES retains eight OMNI inputs and eight OMNI outputs that can be used for direct analog connection. These provide an ideal way to insert outboard processors and other equipment.

    Data Compatibility with All M7CL Consoles

    The M7CL-48ES is compatible with backup data created by the M7CL-32 and M7CL-48 consoles, so time and effort you've spent creating finely-tuned setups for the M7CL-32 or M7CL-48 won't be wasted.

    Three Slots for Flexible System Expansion

    The M7CL-48ES retains the three Mini-YGDAI expansion slots of the M7CL-32/48, so expandability is not reduced in any way. The expansion slots can be used to add analog or digital I/O, versatile Aviom personal monitoring systems, direct live recording capability via high-performance Dante digital media networking, the ability to use multiple external processing plug-ins via the Waves SoundGrid system, and more.

    Features of the M7CL-48ES

    • Two EtherSound ports for easy auto-configured connection to as many as three SB168-ES stage boxes (Optional) in daisy-chain or ring configuration. A third port is provided for permanent connection to a computer.
    • 48 mono and 4 stereo inputs (a total of 56 mixing channels), 16 mix buses, LCR bus, 8 matrix channels, and 8 DCAs.
    • 8 assignable omni inputs and outputs, and 3 Mini-YGDAI card slots.
    • Virtual effect and EQ rack: up to 4 simultaneous multi-effect processors; up to 8 simultaneous 31-band graphic EQs.
    • Centralogic interface: central, logical, and intuitive.
    • Dual power modes: use the built in power supply, or add an external PW800W power supply unit (optional) for failsafe dual-supply operation.


    • Internal processing 32bit (Accumulator=58bit)
    • Sampling frequency rate

    Internal: 44.1kHz,48kHz
    External: 44.1kHz(-10%) to 48kHz(+6%)
    44.1 kHz (-2.5%) to 48 kHz (+2.5%)

    • Signal delay Less than 2.5ms (INPUT to OMNI OUT @48kHz)
    • Fader 100mm motorized x62 (46)
    • Fader Resolution +10 to -138, -?dB (1024 steps/100 mm)
    • Maximum Voltage Gain 86 dB OMNI IN 1-8 to OMNI OUT 1-8
    • Total harmonic distortion Input Gain=Min.
    • Less than 0.05% 20Hz to 20kHz @+4dB into 600?


    • Frequency response

    0, +0.5,-1.5dB 20Hz to 20kHz @+4dB into 600?

    • Dynamic range (maximum level to noise level)

    110dB, DA Converter (OMNI OUT)
    108dB, AD+DA (OMNI OUT)

    • Hum & noise level

    -128dB, Equivalent input noise (20-20kHz, Rs=150ohms, Input Gain=Max)
    -84dB, Residual noise

    • Crosstalk(@1kHz) Input Gain=Min

    -80dB, Adjacent input channels
    -80dB, Input to output

    • Power requirements 110V-240V, 50/60Hz
    • Power consumption 150 W
    • Dimensions M7CL-48ES/-48: 1274(W) x 286(H) x 701(D)mm
    • Weight  46kg
    • Operation free-air Temperature Range +10°C to +35 °C
    • Storage Temperature Range -20°C to +60 °C
    • Included Accessories Owner's Manual, Dust cover, Power cord, Cord clamp



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