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  • In order to accommodate all of the Super Seek Wah's features, there are some instances where a knob may control more than one parameter. This is indicated on controls that have a slash in their label. For example: the 16 mini step knobs can be set to control either the "wah" for that individual step, or "groove" for that individual step. A mini toggle switch labeled "groove/wah" assigns the function of those 16 mini knobs. Another couple examples of this type of multi-function are the "tap div/delta" and "steps/preset" knobs. These are not your father's knobs! They are rotary encoders, kind of a cross between a knob
    and a switch. They can turn like regular knobs, they can be pushed down and turned, they can be pushed down and held, and they can be pushed and released. The parameter to the left of the slash is controlled by turning the knob normally. The parameter to the right of the slash is controlled by pushing down the knob and turning it while depressed.

    Tap Tempo has become a fairly common way to manually enter tempos into time based pedals like delays, tremolos, etc. The Super Seek Wah powers up in Tap Tempo mode. Tap Tempo captures and uses the time between your last 2 taps as a foundational pulse. From there, you turn the "tap div/delta" knob normally (without pushing) to select how many steps the sequencer travels in between tap pulses.

    The Super Seek Wah may be clocked by any device that outputs MIDI clock information. It considers only the clock portion of MIDI data. MIDI clock will take priority over the speed knob, tap tempo, and expression pedal controls. If the MIDI clock is stopped at any time, the sequencing will freeze until you tap in a new tempo, turn the speed control, or MIDI clocking resumes. The "tap div" control applies to MIDI clock similarly to tapped tempos.

    • Tap tempo
    • MIDI tempo control
    • Glissando
    • Expression pedal control over tempo and glissando
    • Adjustable number of stages from 1 to 16
    • Automatic tempo slowing or speeding (delta)
    • Savable/loadable presets

    Power: 9VDC power supply with at least 100mA capability (not included)



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