Zvex Effects Vextron Basstortion Bass Distortion Pedal

Zvex Effects Vextron Basstortion Bass Distortion Pedal

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When it comes to tube amp distortion for bass the debate always starts and ends with the Ampeg SVT. The harder you dig the more it growls. The connection between your hands and that kind of natural tube distortion is primal, immediate, powerful, and musical.

The layout of the ZVex Vextron Basstortion may seem pretty straightforward, but your options are anything but limited. With the intuitive tone control, you'll be able to effortlessly shoe horn your tone into the mix, no more disappearing bass when you step on the gas. Just like a tube amp, if you back off your guitar's volume control, the tone will clean up, even with the drive control turned all the way up.

A strong case can be made for placing the Basstortion last in your pedal chain. The reason being is that this pedal behaves similarly to the front end of a tube amp. Time based effects like delay or reverb will have a blurry distorted texture when placed in front of the Basstortion. If you use those kinds of effects, and desire them to be more pristine and transparent, then your Basstortion (or any other fuzz box) should go in front of your delay reverb etc.. There is really no
"wrong" way to hook up pedals in front of an amp, and no more effective method than experimentation. Believe your ears. You'll know when it's right.

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