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Zygnema- Born Of Unity

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  • Zygnema- Born Of Unity

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    Undoubtedly one of the best metal productions from India, BAJAAO India introduces Zygnemas debut album “Born of Unity”. Zygnema is a Mumbai based heavy/thrash groove metal band that mainly focuses on the social and political “fuck-ups” and spreads awareness through their music.The tracks on the album are versatile, groove oriented, thought provoking and highly addictive.The album lives up to the reputation of the bands immensely energetic and aggressive live performances and proves to be unique, raw and heavy. It caters to a wide audience as the tracks range from old skool thrash to the newer genres of time and still maintains its authentic feel.This 9 track album will make you grind your teeth and keep you in adrenaline right from the start till the end.

    “Born of Unity” is the most awaited album and is definitely much more than its worth. Own it now!!

    Zygnema-Born of Unity track listing:

    • Phobia
    • 59
    • Into the Darkest Night
    • Scarface
    • Machine state hibernation
    • Discriminate
    • Theory of Lies & Negation
    • National Disaster
    • Born Of Unity.


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