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Audio Interfaces

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Audio Interface

What is an Audio Interface?

For Recording artists/ Music producers/ Sound engineers/ Composers & Singer Songwriters alike, an Audio Interface is the single most important piece of hardware, providing microphone preamplifiers, direct instrument inputs, digital converters, metering, headphone distribution, even digital signal processing (DSP),


Why do you need an audio interface?

Audio interfaces have helped musicians around the world to work in an easy and flexible way. There are several reasons to use a dedicated audio interface, rather than the sound card built into your computer. 

Technically speaking, an Audio Interface is a high quality sound card which can process digital signals like that of a Microphone or any other instruments. This will result in high quality recordings of musical instruments & equipment. 

What are PreAmps?

 Preamps are used for amplifying low-level microphone and guitar signals, and they are usually attached to each mic and instrument input. If you want to use condenser microphones with your interface, you’ll need to make sure at least some of your input channels have a phantom power switch.

How many Inputs do you need?

For example, if you are a singer-songwriter and you want to record your guitar and sing at the same time, you’ll only need atleast two inputs to do that. 

However, if you want to record a full band or multitrack drums, then you’re going to need an audio interface with atleast four - eight microphone preamps.


How many Outputs do you need?

You need atleast two outputs on your audio interface for your studio monitors. Additional outputs will be required to create extra monitor mixes or if you want to incorporate outboard gear into recording/mixing workflow.


What is the best audio interface for a home studio?

Some popular Audio Interface options are -




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